We believe that thoughtful, custom design can actually make your environment better and improve your life.

As designers, we know that no product is perfect for more than one person. Whether it’s your furniture or your home, Scribe will design it to specifically fit you. Your needs, wants, and self expression will all be accounted for as a Scribe client.

Our goal is to positively influence everyone’s life by bringing them better design with superb craft. In an effort to make things comfortable for you, to our new clients, we offer a discounted rate on our 1 hour initial design consultation. Contact us to discuss your project. You may ask questions and learn from us. No hidden fees or commitments. Also, if you are within 20 miles of our Scottsdale office, we will come to you, for free. If your project requires more time from us, we will customize an affordable, clearly outlined and easy to understand design package to suite your project and budget.

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