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Stealth helicopters and sky maps are new in Battlefield 2042: Zero Hour

Photo: EA/Disclosure

EA DICE announced this Tuesday (7) Battlefield 2042 Will receive its first season later this week.Authorize zero hourthe season kicks off on Thursday, June 9, bringing a slew of new features to the shooter.

Zero Hour includes a new map, tanks, and a new Specialist – as the characters in the game call them – in addition to new weapons and, of course, a battle pass full of cosmetics. ○ Games start Get an early look at what awaits players in the first season of Battlefield 2042:

high game

The game’s new map, called Exposure, is set in the Canadian Rockies region with plenty of room for aerial brawls and vertical movement. Surface-to-air combat will take place frequently, with infantry establishing bases on top of hills and using caves in the area to protect themselves from helicopters.

The new car also follows the air combat theme: the game will receive two new helicopters, the RAH-68 Huron and the YG-99 Hannibal gunship, equipped with radar deflection, a new defense tool.

New experts and more weapons

A highlight of Zero Hour was the addition of a new expert without borders, Polish Ewelina Lis. She’s an expert in destroying vehicles – including the latest helicopters and other aircraft. Eweline uses a rocket launcher with player-guided projectiles and has the Armor Hunter perk to signal damaged armored vehicles on the battlefield.

Another welcome addition is the Ghostmarker R10 weapon, a silent and deadly crossbow for close quarters combat with different ammo types (regular, light, heavy and explosive). It’s still not what the vast majority of Arsenal players expected, but it’s a start.

Beast Ghostmaker promises to keep stealth gamers happy

Beast Ghostmaker promises to keep stealth gamers happy

Photo: EA/Disclosure

The BSV-M sniper rifle will now be available between Total War matches and outfits, and the novelty is the smoke grenade launcher, perfect for protecting squads with smoke screens, making them imperceptible to opposing teams.

All weapons and vehicles from Zero Hour will be included in the Field Portal.

battle pass

See BF 2042: Zero Hour Battle Pass:

During Season Zero, players will be able to unlock levels in the Battle Pass, which contains free and premium rewards. There are 100 levels to unlock cosmetic items, 30 of which can be obtained through the free pass.

Free tiers include items such as weapons, vehicles, and cosmetics. The Battle Pass also includes professional skins, player cards, weapon trinkets, eliminations, and more.

It hasn’t been revealed how much the Premium Battle Pass will cost.

future improvements

In addition to this season’s news, EA DICE also released plans for future development improvements to Battlefield 2042, including changes to existing maps, game modes and experiences.

The Kaleidoscope map will be updated in August, with new battlefield coverage to make the line of fire difficult, as well as items that add damage to the environment. The map will get new areas, including a second command post near the tower. In Season 2, the update map will change, removing areas A and E, and focusing more on the center of the arena, among other tweaks.

Another important adjustment is the number of players. DICE wanted to focus on providing the best possible match experience for up to 64 players. The 128 player modes will continue to be available on the original map, but future maps (including exposure) will only be available for a maximum of 64 players at a time.

New speeches and animations from experts, better third-person animations, weapon balance, and overall game performance improvements are also planned.

Battlefield 2042 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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