4 tips to improve your sex life after menopause

THAT menopause marks the end of your menstruationbut that certainly does not mean that your sex life ended. Therefore, even with physical and hormonal changes that can make sex more challenging, you can – and should – get the most out of the pleasure that this new phase can give you.

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The first step? Learn a little more about libido and some of the forces that affect it as women get older. Find out how with information from “Good Housekeeping”.

postmenopausal libido

defined as sexual desire physically, libido can be characterized by changes such as increased blood flow to the genitals, swelling of breasts and acceleration of heart rate and respiration. Unfortunately, many factors that stem from menopausal changes affect your libido.

According to gynecologist Julia Edelman, den estrogen and other hormones are inconsistent in the period of before menopause. “Often there is no predictable pattern. When estrogen is high, your sex drive can increase, and when estrogen is low, your sex drive can be suppressed. ”

Plus, there is a wide range of “normal” when it comes to your own libido level. Over the course of their lives, some women are happier with frequent sex, while others are just as happy with sex. sexual relations occasionally. Whatever it is for you before menopause, experts do not recommend pushing yourself.

In that sense, you need to understand that your sex life does not have to be like anyone else’s, or like it was years ago. But if you’re not happy with the changes that come with age, “there are definitely things you can do to make it better,” Julia says.

Now that you have understood it; Here are four tips to improve your sex life after menopause:

1 – Consider the effect of hormones on your sex life

In addition to reducing sex drive, low estrogen levels can also make it harder for you to have sex. orgasm, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Fortunately, some treatments can help. Are they:

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Hormone replacement: consists of hormone therapy prescribed by a doctor and can help pain during sex.

Other types of prescribed estrogen: products recommended by specialists such as estrogen creams or suppositories can relieve vaginal drynesswhich increases pleasure.

Testosterone Supplements: It is important to discuss this possibility with a physician before starting it. However, research has already shown that it can be effective for postmenopausal women.

2 – Do not let sex be painful

During menopause, soreness and pain can make intercourse much less fun. According to the American Menopause Society, 17% to 45% of postmenopausal women find sex painful. This brings us back to hormones: When estrogen levels fall, vaginal tissue becomes thinner and drier – but there are also treatments for it.

Lauren Streicher, teacher in gynecology and obstetrics, recommends prescribed estrogen in any form to help as the hormone builds and strengthens vaginal tissue. Furthermore, the use of lubricant essential: the product facilitates penetration and makes intercourse more comfortable.

Other ways to relieve pain include:

Strengthening of the pelvic floor: To do this, try squeezing the muscles you would use if you were trying to stop urinating. Hold for two or three seconds and then release. Do this 10 times, five sets a day. These exercises strengthen pelvic floor and stimulate circulation in the area, which can help with arousal.

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Announcement: Let your partner know if your libido is low or if sex hurts. Talk together about solutions and think of ways to get what you want and need without anyone getting hurt.

Changes: this can be a good opportunity to try new things, like giving less focus on penetration, for example. Touches and caresses can be good alternatives.

3 – Take care of yourself during menopause

hormonal changes can also affect your mental health. For example, you may experience mood swings or more severe depression. Maybe you look in the mirror and do not recognize your body if you have gained weight.

To get better, focus on the following points:

Get healthy sleep: “During decades of caring for menopausal women, I have never met a woman with a good sex drive who slept poorly, slept very little or woke up tired,” says Julia. If you are too tired to feel like having sex, you are more likely to experience pain or discomfort as you will not be completely aroused.

Therefore, make a plan to cut or limit your consumption of caffeine in the morning can help. Also talk to your doctor about the possibility of taking melatonin.

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Seek professional help if you feel depressed: do not hesitate to seek therapy and treatment.

Talk to your partner about what you need: Expressing your feelings about what is difficult for you at this point in your life can bring you closer together and help the other person understand what you are going through.

Know that you are beautiful inside and out: your body has always changed and this is only the last round of it. But you can still work on appreciating your body now and always.

4 – Take the fun back


add some sex toys Increasing spice and excitement can be great for your sex life during menopause. In 2020, a study published by “Psychology & Sexuality” and conducted with 488 women showed that those who used vibrators, both with their male partners and alone, reported greater overall sexual satisfaction than women who used only one vibrator solo.

In short, it is very important to be honest about how you feel and to be kind to yourself during this period of your life. The ability to adapt to the changes that menopause brings in your life can make you feel better about yourself in general, and it has a positive effect on your sex life.

Also remember the positive things about sex during menopause! No more menstrual-colored sheets, no more pregnancy worries, and probably no more children interrupting you. Enjoy the new freedom this time brings!

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