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Elden Ring is From Software’s latest game, released in February 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The title brings the Souls-like subgenre into an open world, offering a huge map to explore in addition to a wide variety of enemies, animals, plants, and NPCs.With so much to do, some may be overlooked side quests, besides being interesting, is also important for learning more about the history of the Middle Lands. With this in mind, TechTudo Separated five Elden Ring side quests that couldn’t pass the beat. Note that the text may contain minor spoilers.

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The giant Elden Ring map may miss some missions; see which ones are the main ones — Photo: Publicity/From Software

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Fia’s quest unlocks one of the possible endings of the Elden Ring — Photo: Reproduction/From Software

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that this quest is unmissable and results in one of the endings available in Elden Ring, which is a must for players who want to play platinum. Fia is the woman who stays at the roundtable and hugs the player she talks to. Your task will only be released when the user accepts the character’s hug.

After entering the Altus Plateau, her quest starting point becomes available. After reaching the area or completing some of Rogier’s quests, the player must seek out Fia and accept the hug until the “Secret Talk” option appears. After selecting this message, the task begins. This quest will help players better understand Black Knife, and the organization, an organization that persecutes souls living in the dead.

However, care needs to be taken not to lose tasks. The first one starts before Lanny’s quest and after getting the Inverted Cariana Statue. Another detail that can “sabotage” Fia’s mission is killing character D.

Ranni is responsible for one of the biggest assignments in the Elden Ring — Photo: Reproduction/From Software

Ranni is one of the most important secondary characters in Elden Ring.The Witch’s Quest is one of the longest in the game and provides insight into Knowledge Central Region. Additionally, this quest is responsible for unlocking one of the game’s endings, which many in the community consider to be the best ending. The first meeting with Lanny usually comes naturally. That’s because she’s the NPC who appears in Ellen’s Church at the beginning of the game and hands the Phantom Bell to the player.

The second encounter will begin the witch’s quest. It takes place in Lournia in the Carria Mansion. While exploring the location, players must look for Lanny’s Stone Tower. In addition to what is required for platinum, the character’s quest greatly expands the universe.

Rogier brings the task of deepening his gaming knowledge — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube (TheGamer)

Rogier’s quests don’t lead to different endings or affect Platinum achievements, which makes them easy to miss for the most inattentive. However, despite being relatively short, Rogier’s story brings dialogue that helps to better understand the current moment in Middle-earth. In order not to miss these missions, players must complete them before encountering Lanny for the second time.

Originally, the wizard will be at Stormshroud Castle, but after the player defeats Godric, Roger will head to the Round Table. In order to start the quest, it is necessary to explore the depths of Godric’s Castle and find the corpse of the sorcerer. From there, the quest will become available when you return to the roundtable and talk to Rogier. It’s worth mentioning that in some cases, after this start, Fia’s mission can also be performed, not necessarily to the Altus Plateau.

Blaidd’s quest leads to one of the most complicated bosses in the Elden Ring: Radahn.

Blaidd’s quest also doesn’t unlock any particular ending, and doesn’t even require platinum. However, the Wolf Soldier’s quest involves one of the most famous (and trickiest) bosses in the Elden Ring: Radahn. Through Blaidd, players will learn about the entire history of the festival, an event that marks the tradition of several soldiers coming together to fight the Star Scourge in honor. Also, as a bonus, if you complete the quest, part of the reward is a stylish half-wolf armor set.

Because it’s not a quest that directly affects the ending, it’s easy to miss Brad’s quest. In order not to let it pass, the hint is to find the werewolf at the beginning of the game, in Lingrave, to the right of the abandoned house in the forest. The player will hear a howl and must return to Ellen’s Church and speak to the merchant Kale, who will make a “broken finger” gesture. The player must then return to the house in the forest and use the gesture after hearing the howl. So, Brad appeared.

5. Tekken Alexander

Alexander, Iron Fist provides a moment of comedic relief in a difficult game — Photo: Playback/YouTube (Lunar Gaming)

Elden Ring is an intensive and difficult game for the most part. At this point, Tekken Alexander is a good choice to ease the comic effect a bit. Your initial quest is basically a big clay pot asking for help because it’s stuck somewhere. This quest is essential to enriching Elden Ring’s gameplay due to the good dialogue the situation generates.

Alexander’s quest develops the character’s friendship with the player.Although it doesn’t have much impact Knowledge Overall, this quest has players clinging to the giant jar and worrying about it. The only way to miss Alexander’s mission is to not talk to the characters on the battlefield after defeating Radarn.

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