7 sexy sets of tips to ensure enjoyment alone or with others

ISLAND Valentine’s Day comes and with it comes the search for “how to innovate in sex”. Although it is important to get out of the routine pleasure is not limited to that occasion. Alone or accompanied, allow yourself to enjoy the best of sex, and for that matter erotic objects are very welcome and can be your best friends.

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far beyond onaniyou sex toys (sex toys) and other similar products can give you self-awareness, perform your sexual fantasies and what else you want and allow. Therefore, it is worth investing in the best options, depending on your desires.

If you do not know where to start, Sophie Sensual Fellings and Exclusive sex separated some sexy set that promises to satisfy your most diverse desires. So if you want to renew this Valentine’s Day or any other date – alone, in pairs or even as a trio – check out the following list:

Sophie Sensual Feelings Kit

Click on Me Kit – two items

This option combines one intimate lubricating gel and a Bullet Valen. Perfect for beginners in the subject or even the most experienced.

ISLAND ball vibrator It has non-toxic silicone, with a super soft touch. The So Lub intimate lubricant, on the other hand, is water-based, which ensures a lot of comfort during use.

Value: BRL 329.90

Exclusive sex sets

Want more sets – five items

Disclosure / Exclusive sex

First, nothing is more confident than taking care of the environment. Therefore, the set consists of an air freshener spray with marine scent – inner peace.

The opportunity still has a kissing massage candle from Intt, with chocolate flavor and aroma. In addition, it perfumes the environment, moisturizes the skin and promises wonders in oral sex. And it can be used without fear of burns and skin damage, as it is made from butter and vegetable oils, which replace traditional paraffin, which causes it to melt at a temperature equal to body temperature.

THAT Green baby finger also comes with the kit. Made of non-toxic, soft-touch silicone with external massage textures, it fits any finger size and circumference.

That is clear, -one double vibrator from Pretty Love rechargeable, made of silicone. It has ogiv shape at the ends, both with vibrator with seven modes. The promise of the “toy” is nothing more, nothing less than: make everyone enjoy.

To complete and ensure safety, the kit is included condom from Rilex, mint flavor.

Value: BRL 319.90

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Four Corners Kit – six items

Disclosure / Exclusive sex

intimate lubricant by La Pimienta, with an aqueous base reminiscent of natural lubrication and giving an excellent “glide”, with an aroma and taste of strawberries and champagne.

One Romantic game with erotic dice (fetish, position and place) to have fun and still explore “new horizons” in sex life, stimulate the senses and warm up the atmosphere. To keep your imagination running, it also includes one metal handcuffs with a few keys, one rounded sales and a gag.

In addition, it has one vibrating capsule with unique and silent vibration. It also includes one cockring with vibrating and varied textures, which serve any size and thickness of the penis, to stimulate partners simultaneously when penetrated. The “little toy” still promises keep an erection longer and delay ejaculation.

Value: BRL 109.90

Bamba Leg Kit – four items

Disclosure / Exclusive sex

moisturizing body cream from Mustash, with the essence of creme brulee and warming effect. In addition to one moisturizing light from Flamme D’Amour, with an aroma of red fruits that become totally edible after melting.

One vibrator for couples Pretty Love August, with 12 vibration modes (controlled by mobile phone), water-repellent and made of velvety soft silicone. Designed to encourage G spotISLAND clitoris It is penis at the same time.

Finally a pack of Rilex condoms, mint flavor.

Value: BRL 619.90

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Hot Footprint Kit – six items

Disclosure / Exclusive sex

accompany a body light Flame D’Amour Sado, kissable, moisturizing and edible (after melting), with grape aroma and flavor. Can be applied to the clitoris or glans penis.

For those who like to innovate, it includes one adjustable buckle collara whip from Brasil Fetiche and a gag in the form of a stick.

And of course, I could not miss one vibrator. The option, Pretty Love Shock Fun, is a rechargeable vibrating capsule that has seven vibration modes and five vibration functions. electric shock. It comes with a wireless remote control, also rechargeable.

In addition to six units condom Jontex XL Lubricated.

Value: BRL 519.90

Sensations Kit – six items

Disclosure / Exclusive sex

Starting with initial, has set one kissable massage oilpineapple flavor, action of lubricant and warming effect.

One Tenga EGG Thunderwhich gives different sensations during onani penis due to the lightning-shaped inner vertical texture.

It also accompanies a Meng lian, a cockring Made of soft silicone and smooth to the touch with clitoral stimulator and unique and powerful vibration. Can be used to stimulate both partners.

For those who want to bet on anal sexincludes one Dream Comfort gel from SexyHot. Option has microcapsules and special active substances for sensitive skin, which facilitates contact with less sensation of friction, numbs the area where it is applied. Make the touch smoother and more comfortable at the time of penetration.

To complete, a rechargeable massage vibrator, with super soft and flexible tip with seven vibrations. In addition to Rilex condom, mint flavor.

Value: BRL 389.90

Skin Flower Kit – five items

Disclosure / Exclusive sex

This is also a good option for those who want a good one anal sex. In-H offers one foam for intimate hygiene, with aphrodisiac in its formula, created specifically for the care of the anal region. It helps with elasticity, comfort and well-being, being causes irritation, promotes local hydration.

It also accompanies Fruit Coconut, a kissable stimulating gel with coconut flavor and warming effect, suitable for oral sexmassage, masturbation and penetration.

Also contains and tantra oil from Kalya, which helps to intensify feelings of pleasure and stimulate the senses. It is composed of a mixture of pure vegetable oils with aphrodisiac effect.

Moreover, it has a bullet Dancing fairy pumpkin from Aphrodisia. A rechargeable vibrating capsule with 10 modes, made of soft, velvety, water-repellent silicone.

Finally a package with condom Jontex Sensação Invisible, a thinner option that provides greater sensitivity during penetration.

Value: BRL 349.90

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