A BOLA – Argentina vs. Otamendi in the final (international) unglamorous spread to Italy

Argentina won the Finalissima Cup for the second time in the competition’s history, beating Italy 3-0 in a single match, with the Albiceleste completely dominating.

Messi, Di Maria and Lautaro Martinez were in the spotlight and formed a deadly trident, only to deal no more damage as Donnarumma’s plan between the two positions was excellent .

The first goal was signed by Martinez, Messi served, and the second was, of course, a slap in the face by Di Maria, who had made the fans accustomed to shine in the final. Messi had a couple of shots but he couldn’t beat the No. 21 because he was involved in Dybala’s equaliser.

Assuming Argentina don’t lose 32 games in the current best sequence in the world, and Italy, who won’t play in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, humiliate North Macedonia (0-1).

Remember the game movie:

90+4′: The game is over! The party is Argentina, who have won at Wembley for the first time after three losses and multiple draws.

90+4′: Argentina goal (3-0): Dybala!

90+1′: In Argentina, Lo Celso leaves, Dybala comes on, and Di Maria replaces Nicolas Gonzalez.

90′: Will play another four minutes.

87′: Newcomer Alvarez (Argentina) has a shot saved by Donnarumma.

84′: Argentine changes: Lautaro Martinez leaves, Alvarez comes on; Romero leaves, Pezzela comes in.

In the 77th minute, Barrera received a yellow card.

77′: Another change for the Italian national team: Emerson leaves, Bastoni enters.

76′: Argentine change: Paul leaves, Palacios enters.

The game is in the final quarter.

In the 74th minute, Messi’s free kick went directly above the crossbar.

72′: Di Lorenzo (Italy) shows a yellow card after “turning around” Messi.

In the 69th minute, Messi shot again and Donnarumma made a three-pointer.

The results are starting to be flattering…

67′: Messi again… Donnarumma has his hands full.

65′: Messi, outnumbered, try his best to defend Donnarumma!

Italy is experiencing real suffocation.

64′: What a failure for Lo Celso after Messi’s cross at the far post.

In the 62nd minute, Italy made a substitution, Pesina left and Spinazzola came on.

62′: Di Maria’s first shot for Donnarumma’s ‘shaky’.

61′: Di Maria shoots past Emerson and forces Donnarumma to stretch.

In the 59th minute, Locatelli shot and Emiliano Martinez stabilized his position.

56′: What a risky move Bonucci took to almost betray Donnarumma…

Italy and Argentina have met 15 times, with the Italians leading (six wins and four losses), but Albice Leicester have always been the team’s black beast blue team This millennium (Italy’s last victory, 3-1, happened in a friendly match in Zurich on June 10, 1987).

Argentina’s high pressure, overwhelmed the opponent, leaving the Italians no room for maneuver.

Chiellini, center, 37 years old, farewell blue team Since 2004, he has played 117 times for the national team, scoring 8 goals.

46′: The second half begins.

Mancini changes: Chiellini leaves, Lazzari enters; Bernardeschi leaves, Locatelli enters; Belotti leaves, Scmacca enters.

45+2′: Half-time at Wembley. The Argentine is at the top of the standings.

45+1′: Goal for Argentina (2-0): Ángel di María receives a pass from Lautaro Martinez.

In the 39th minute, Bonucci received a yellow card for a foul on Messi.

28′: Argentine goals: Lautaro Martinez, Messi pass, against Di Lorenzo!

25′: Messi’s shot on Bonucci.

In the 24th minute, Laspadori (Italy) takes a free kick, on the rebound he gets a corner kick, taken by Bernardeschi.

In the 23rd minute, Otamendi (Argentina) fouled Emerson and was booked.

21′: After a free kick, Belotti (Italy) heads in, forcing Martinez to play high up.

20′: Corner taken by Laspadori (Italy), fouled by Otamendi.

Angel Di Maria, who bid farewell to the Argentine national team after the World Cup in Qatar, created a lot of imbalance in the attack on the right flank.

17’Foul by Martinez(Argentina) on Bernardeschi(Italy),Jorginho wins the free kick.

12′: Laspadori (Italy) has a shot, Emiliano Martinez plays in safety.

Argentina were more aggressive in the first ten minutes.

It’s worth noting that FIFA still doesn’t recognise the game, which has had two versions: 1985 (France beat Uruguay 2-0 in Paris) and 1993 (Argentina 1-1 after 120 minutes on penalties) 5-4 beat Denmark) Mar del Plata).

6′: Messi takes a direct free kick, intercepted by Di Lorenzo.

Finalissima is a single game with no overtime, and in the event of a tie, it will be decided by penalty kicks.

2′: Messi’s first shot on the wing.

1′: Roll the ball.

Captains Chiellini (Italy) and Messi (Argentina) choose the venue.

Now echoes the Italian national anthem.

The Argentine national anthem is played.

Tribute to Italian center Chiellini who bid farewell to the national team today.

The protagonists are already on the field.

The team has already conducted analysis in the tunnel.

Finalissima’s ambassadors took to the pitch with trophies, accompanied by two children, in memory of two footballers who recently died: Paolo Rossi (Italy) and Maradona (Argentina).

Full bench at Wembley. 10 minutes until kickoff.

Italy (European champions) and Argentina (South American champions, aka Copa America champions) will play the so-called final at England’s mysterious Wembley Stadium this Wednesday at 19:45.

Chilean Piero Gomez served as referee, compatriots Christian Seaman and Claudio Rios served as assistant referees, and the fourth referee was Spaniard Jesus Gil Manzano. Also in charge of VAR is Spaniard Alejandro Hernández, while Portuguese Tiago Martins will be accompanied by Spaniard Juan Martinez Munuera.

Eleven already know

Italy: Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini and Emerson; Pesina, Jorginho and Barrera; Bernardski, Belotti and Laspardo inside.

Substitutes: Cranio, Spinazzola, Locatelli, Lazari, Florenzi, Politano, Meret, Acerbi, Cristante, Scamaca, Pei Legrini and Bastoni.
Coach: Roberto Mancini.

Argentina: Emiliano Martinez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi and Tagliagiko; DePaul and Rodriguez; Dybala; Di Maria, Lautaro Martine and Messi.

Substitutes: Armani, Foyth, MacAllister, Pezzella, Acuña, Alvarez, Rulli, Palacios, Nicolás González, Lisandro Martinez, Papu Gómez and Lo Celso.
Coach: Lionel Scaloni.


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