A BOLA – “Manita” from Brazil is being tested with South Korea, by Paulo Bento (international)

In preparation for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, South Korea, coached by Paul Bento, lost 5-1 to Brazil in Seoul, the seventh time the two teams met (Brazil won) six times and Asia once).

Neymar had doubts about the game after touching the ball with his right foot in training and it turned out that he was the biggest number, not just the two goals he scored, whether it was from a penalty, or an attacking move he made in the 78th minute . who is on the field.

Richarlison took the lead after just six minutes and Philippe Coutinho added the count (79′) a minute later when he was released in the game. Gabriel Jesus finished in extra time to score (90+2′). At the end of the half hour, Huang Yizu still equalized the score, but the South Korean team did not have a stampede match with the Brazilian opponent in the second half.

In another sign for Brazil, Tite doesn’t like to concede goals (with three games unbeaten), while Paulo Bento’s South Korea (who will be Portugal’s opponents at the World Cup), despite some important defeats, have shown he needs some tunings.

Remember the game movie:

90+4′: The Seoul game is over. Brazil beat South Korea 5-1.

90+2′: Brazil goals (5-1): Gabriel Jesus! He sprinted well from the right, he dribbled past three opponents and shot with his left foot to the back of the net.

90′: 4 minutes of added time.

In the 87th minute, Zheng Youying fouled Bruno Guimaraes and was given a yellow card.

86′: Matthew Scogna’s shot, tries Manita Brazil, but Kim Seung Kyu made a wonderful save.

84′: Hwang Hee-chan abdicates to Kwon Chang-hoon.

81′: More changes for Brazil: Fred leaves, Bruno Guimaraes on; Lucas Paquetá leaves, Matheus Cunha enters.

79′: Brazil (4-1) Goal: Coutinho. It is entered, seen and marked.

In the 78th minute, Coutinho came off and Jesus came on. Neymar came off with a standing ovation and gave way to Coutinho.

Official figures: 64,872 fans in the stadium.

In the 75th minute, after Neymar passed the ball, Rafinha posted.

70′: Paulo Bento takes scorer Hwang Ui-Jo and throws on Na Sang-Ho.

70′: Richarlison gives way to Pooh. Fabinho replaces Casemiro.

Tate is ready to move canary.

58′: Paulo Bento makes the first two changes: Kim Moon-Hwan (by Paik Seung-Ho) and Jeong Woo-Yeong (by Lee Yong) enter.

56′: Brazil (3-1) Neymar scores from the penalty spot. Pause briefly before kicking and placing the ball in the center of the goal.

55′: This is a penalty in favor of Brazil.

54th minute: Another move for VAR evaluation. Alex Sandro received the ball in the penalty area and fell to the ground after Kim Young Kwon entered.

In the 53rd minute, Neymar made a wonderful pass, Lucas Paqueta completed the pass in the frontcourt, and the goalkeeper defended with his left foot.

In the 46th minute, goalkeeper Jin Shengkui made a mistake. At the entrance of the penalty area, Fred tried to rush to the goal, but was disarmed by Kwon Jingyuan.

46′: The second half begins.

The team is returning to the field.

Neymar was one of the leading men in doubt for the game after suffering a right foot injury.

45+1′: Thiago Silva hits the crossbar after the corner and heads the goal.

Played two minutes of compensation.

41′: Brazil goal (2-1): Neymar penalty (pass to one side, goalkeeper to the other).

Paulo Bento disputed the decision.

38′: New VAR analysis, after Alex Sandro fell in the area after a split with Li Yang. It was a penalty in favor of Brazil.

38′: Two bursts: first Richarlison, header, then Rafinha.

Tite was not satisfied, and his gestures have not stopped since Brazil equalised.

30′: Korea (1-1) Goal: Hwang Eui-jo in a precise cross, after turning over Thiago Silva.

25′: After a bid with Young-Gwon, VAR is analysing bids for Raphinha to fall in the area. The referee ordered to continue.

In the 11th minute, Sun Xingmin took a mid-range shot, and Weaverton swayed to the side.

The big game in Brazil begins.

7′: What a loss for Rafinha! After Neymar’s centre-forward, he made a few feints to get rid of the man-marking.

6′: Brazil goal (1-0): Richarlison! Great job by Alex Sandro, on the left side of the attack, going back through the heart of the box, Fred’s first shot, Richarlison’s head The goal is confirmed.

3rd minute: After Neymar’s pass, Paqueta’s first shot goes to Jin Seungkui.

2′: Thiago Silva’s goal is adjudged to be offside, Alex Sandro takes the free kick.

1′: The game starts. Brazil left.

Now echoes the national anthem of the national team.

Hymns can be heard. Play the one from Brazil first.

There were 60,000 fans in the stands.

The team has been alienated into the field in the tunnel.

As of 11am this Thursday, South Korea and Brazil will play their seventh private game in their history in Seoul, with Canatina taking the lead (five wins).

Portugal’s opponents at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Asian team coached by Paulo Bento, meet Brazil (today), Chile (6), Paraguay (10) and Egypt (14) on the agenda.

The referee team is Japanese, and the referee is Sato Ryuji, assisting Yamauchi Hiroshi and Mihara Jun. The 4th referee is Korean Hyung Jin Ko, and the VAR and AVAR will be compatriots Dae Yong Kim and Sang Hyeop Chae respectively.

Follow the main events of the game here.

Check out the starting teams:

11 from Brazil: Waverton; Danny Alves (captain), Thiago Silva, Marchinhos and Alex Sandro; Fred, Casemiro and Neymar; Raphinha, Lucas Paquetá and Richarlison.

Substitutes: Alisson, Alex Telles, G. Arana, L. Ortiz, Coutinho, Fabinho, G. Jesus, B. Guimarães, Vini Jr., M. Vunha and Rodrygo.
Coach: Tite.

Eleven from Korea: Kim Seung-gyu; Lee Yong, Kim Young-Gwon, Kwon Kyung-Won and Hong Chul; Baek Seung-ho, Hwang In-beom,

Jeong Woo-Yeong and Son Heung-Min (Cap.); Hwang Eui-jo and Hwang Hee-chan.

Substitutes: Kim Dong-joon, Jo Hyun-woo, Kim Moon-hwan, Kim Tae-hwan, Jung Woo-young, Ko Seung-bum, Kwon Chang-hoon, Cho Gye-sung, Na Sang-sung and Um Won-blood
Coach: Paul Bento.


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