A BOLA – Roller Hockey: FC Porto-Benfica Direct (3:00pm) (A BOLA TV)

This Thursday, June 16th, you can tv ball (Meo Channel 13, Vodafone Channel 31 and NOWO Channel 64)…

FC Porto will take on Benfica this Thursday (3:00pm) in the first play-off match of the National Hockey Championship Finals, a game that has earned broadcast honors. direct exist tv ballThe Dragons eliminated Óquei de Barcelos in the semi-finals (3-0), while the Reds beat Sporting 3-2. The final, the best of the five, is scheduled for this Thursday and on the 19th, 22nd, 25th and 29th. direct exist TV ball.

QUINTA DA BOLA discusses the transfer market (22:00)

other Quinta da Bora see your tv ballby journalist Jose Manuel Delgado (the newspaper’s deputy director) ball) to moderate the debate around the domestic and international transfer markets.Analysis Topic, Luxury Package: Newspaper President ballVítor Serpa, journalist/commentator tv ballFernando Guerra, head coach Alvaro Magalhães, commentator Pedro Ferreira and former referee and commentator tv ball, Pedro Enrique. Almost two hours of conversation, in a program that discusses everything.

José Caetano and Pedro Henriques at BOLA DAS SETE (18:45)

In a speech by journalist João José Pires, 7 o’clock ball Commentary and current analysis by journalist José Caetano and arbitration expert Pedro Henriques.

Jorge Pessoa e Silva at TOTAL MARKET (6.30pm)

Reporter Jorge Pessoa e Silva presents and analyzes news from the transfer world total market. Reporter João José Pires introduces the programme starting at 6:30 pm.

World Cup Legends to watch at 11:25am

All the great stories, victories, players and the best teams throughout the football World Cup, bringing together the best of all editions of the World Cup in one series.


bring it on is a show that offers unlikely conversations about the love of motorcycles for celebrities in our art and television environment.Host Domingos Janeiro challenges familiar faces to talk about the passion, and this Thursday, starting at 12.25pm, you’ll be able to see and hear the actor Martino Silva Talk about the passion that nourishes the world of… «Two Wheels».

1:25pm Ride to see

A series tv ball With the privilege of broadcasting (an absolute premiere in the country), it is sure to touch all sports fans, especially all lovers of the amazing equestrian world. The show will explore the fascinating connection between humans and horses, from the mountains of New Zealand to the vineyards of Italy and the scorching sun of Kuwait, through the history of great people, between riders and their respective mounts. This is an original series that delves into the rare equestrian world!

CONVOIO DOS DUROS Challenge the Sahara Desert (17:05)

For the 35th edition of the Sands Marathon, some 700 runners from around the world endured heat of more than 50 degrees in the Sahara Desert, which many consider a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “

Unmissable competitors (20:25)

A tribute to the great football rivalries, starting with the World Derby between Brazil and Italy, to Portugal with a focus on Sporting and Benfica, and finally some disputes involving Chelsea in the Premier League.

The series spans generations of rivalries that have marked the entire sports world, both on and off the field.

Big stars on the dream team (21:30)

Who Made the Dream Team of the 20th Century? Pele and Maradona are definitely there, but what about Stefano, Platini, Baresi or Ronaldo? We also selected the best player who reached the World Cup final but never won a trophy.

The program is a journey to some of the best football teams in the world and their protagonists. Led by some of the greatest talents in history, go on a fascinating journey made by some of the best Elevens of all time.


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