Alex Week | The entire Echo lineup is on sale at Amazon

The Echo line speaker has been very successful because it’s an inexpensive alternative to virtual assistants. The entire range of smart devices is on sale until June 13, taking advantage of Amazon’s Alexa Week. It’s worth taking advantage of promotions to make your home more connected and smart.

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New Echo Dot 4th Generation

The new Echo dot comes in a different form factor and retains everything that has made Amazon’s smart devices so successful. It features an all-new front-facing audio design that promises deeper sound and a superior experience when listening to music, podcasts, and anything else you want. Even so, it’s small enough to easily fit anywhere in the home where an outlet and Wi-Fi are available.

With the excellent sound quality of this new model, it becomes a more interesting option for those who want to have high-quality speakers in their home. Just stick it in the corner and be ready to hear your song request and start playing. It’s one of Amazon’s most popular products precisely because it brings great value for money to those looking to start making their homes smarter and have more connected devices.

This new version also has a model with a clock, ideal for those who want to place this type of device next to their bed. It has the same sound quality and full Alexa compatibility. Its differential is a display that always shows the time in front.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation

The 3rd-gen model of the Echo Dot is smaller than the newer version and has slightly worse sound quality, but it’s still an excellent option for those looking to save money. It has a more compact format, measuring only 43mm x 99mm x 99mm and weighing 300 grams.

All of the Alexa features available on more expensive models can also be found here, allowing you to control other devices in your home, listen to music, and enjoy all the functionality of the virtual assistant. It’s also a great addition to larger homes, where you can place a smaller unit in the bedroom and a larger unit in the living room, ensuring your requests are always heard.

About the Echo Show 5

One of the most advanced models in the line, the Echo Show is a smart display because it offers more than just a smart speaker: it also has a touchscreen that users can interact with. They’re 5.5 inches on the Echo Show and 5 or 8 inches on the Echo Show 8, and the idea is that in addition to using Alexa to organize your routine for that, you can also enjoy content that requires a screen.

Echo Show lets you check lyrics while listening, watch the day’s top news, sports highlights, enjoy series and movies, and make video calls with friends and family. Services such as YouTube can be accessed through the system browser. The device is also able to connect with other Echos distributed around the house.

echo bud

Amazon’s new Echo Buds are Bluetooth earphones that stand out for their full integration with the Alexa assistant. Without picking up your phone, you can use voice commands to search for a specific song, pause or play audio, skip to the next track, search for podcasts, and many other features.

They also feature Active Noise Cancellation, which reduces ambient noise when you want to focus on the music you’re listening to. Just touch one of the earbuds for a few seconds to switch between different modes.

Battery life is good and average for a wireless headset at this price. They can play music for up to 5 hours, while a quick charge of up to 15 minutes guarantees at least another 2 hours. Considering that you can be charged up to two times in this case, you have 15 hours to find the nearest outlet in complete autonomy.

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