And taught the first class of Yuanjie! Now, let’s go!

A few days ago, I wrote an article about the events in the state of Mato Grosso in the report. from the newspaper, Avatars of judges, lawyers, university students and communicators drifted across the lecture hall. That’s beautiful.

But now legal education comes into this. Clear. How could legal education – well done in Brazil – be excluded from this new “paradigm” (sic)?This reportage Show the following avatars:

The course will be Criminal Law. Well, don’t fight the messenger. newspaper published.

My question: How does the Metaverse improve broken teaching? Or is this just for “sealing”?

In a country where legal education produces students and alumni who hate the constitution, how does avatar help?

In a country where a significant portion of the legal profession says “too many rights”.I have written here mage And some elements point to a percentage of 60%. They are doctors and they will refuse antibiotics.

In the metaverse, is there a teacher hidden behind the avatar? Does the avatar do things differently than the teacher says?an old power point Doesn’t it do the same job?

Why do we have the need to turn everything into a spectacle? If the reporter is not…in the water, there is no flood. Bread ready to feed… Reporters dressed as bakers.Now the judge wants to use visual law. And postmodern teachers now want to make their classrooms more engaging. That’s it. Tik Tok……!

It all looks more like a smokescreen. Just the tip of the iceberg. visual law Right now, things like the metaverse have much of the legal world excited. Here is “new”. “New” is here. Let’s all join in. Let’s draw sentences. Let’s go to class through Metaverse. Now, let’s go! cool design So that “people can better understand the law in a simpler way”. About. OK! I also read that the promotion of “mentor” is circulating on the Internet. There is a class that teaches how to be a mentor. great. Brazil surpasses itself every day. Companies like the one that hired Gusttavo Lima will soon emerge…to manage lawyers’ careers. oops. I gave the idea.

In the meantime… let’s put fiction and avatars aside and see what happens legally? As I recall, at a convention in Rio de Janeiro in 1991, I made a metaphor for the fiction of law and urban crime-fighting, which can now be extended to our avatar (sic) postmodernity. I say:

” – teacher teaching criminal law in class [que coincidência, não? Hoje é com avatar]; there was a shooting outside that lasted a few minutes; and the teacher didn’t lose his phlegm: he continued to teach the concept of fights, telling students: ‘Fights require’Dorus Riksandy‘”.

Curtains are closed.

The comet is there, and the avatar teaches it right. And the embargo… ah, the embargo…!

Brazil can’t look in the mirror, really.

In a country that has never learned basic concepts like principles, legal positivism, it talks about Kelsen in 30 seconds calling him an interpreter, it doesn’t know (because it didn’t teach) moral law (it’s criticizing), and now They wanted to overcome this lame (transfiguration) deformation with little robots and anti-cognitive shortcuts. and Yuan Festival. Copy what banks and companies do.

As if justice provided the “product”. As if legal education were a commodity.

Soon, an avatar will be present at lawyers, while judges will be in your home or office; and robots Whatsapp A hearing will be scheduled for the poor lawyer.

“This is the virtual assistant for the Doctor of Laws. Please enter your choice…sorry, I don’t understand your request. Please enter 1, 2 or 3…”

There will be no more legal congresses; there will be technical fairs. Avatars float around. And, who knows, there’s also the country duo. Gusttavo Lima is paid for by the city hall – this is a good suggestion!

Here is “new”. The “new” appeared, as Brecht and Bertoldo denounced.Let’s pay tribute to God front mech.


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