Ânima has 150 million reais for startups from fintech to Metaverse | Startups

After making some occasional investments in innovation, Ânima Educação decided to form a corporate venture capital fund. 150 million reais will be invested in start-ups over the next 10 years. Ânima’s CVC will enter investment rounds in early-stage companies, although the check is likely to be between R$1 million and R$5 million — which will allow for eventual participation in the Series A round.

“The challenge for startups today is essentially having funding, management, customers and differentiation at the heart of it. The problem is that a lot of times we find that companies are concerned with solving outdated problems that are going to become outdated because the market is happening. change,” said Daniel Castanho, founding partner and chairman of the board of directors of anima. “We’re looking for people who care about understanding the future.”

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About 30% of the funds will be allocated to a venture capital firm’s foundation to help experienced entrepreneurs put their ideas into practice with Ânima as a partner. The company itself has some papers to test, and now has another lab for that purpose.

HSM CEO Reynaldo Gama: “It’s a lot of ‘ed’ and very little ‘tech'” — Photo: Disclosure

Reynaldo Gama, CEO of HSM and SingularityU Brazil, said: “When we look at edtech, it has a lot of edtech and very little. There’s a lot of focus on formats and content in education, and very little new technology”, Reynaldo Gama said he will be in charge of “what we want is to look for innovation in a horizontal way. We’re talking about fintech, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, everything related to the future of education.”

Two years ago, the company established an innovation hub, the Learning Village, which currently hosts 35 accelerated startups, in addition to funds and other companies participating in the ecosystem. Meanwhile, Nima has invested in MedRoom, which applies virtual reality to medical education, and Gama Academy, which trains professionals in programming, design, marketing and sales.

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The investments will also be considered by an investment committee comprising Castanho and co-founders Marcelo Bueno and Maurício Escobar. The fund also wants to be an opportunity for group employees in venture capital, giving the possibility to invest as individual shareholders. The company estimates that 20% of the funds raised will come from this investor profile.

In terms of financial returns, the company expects to be close to the CVC average, multiplied by 3.5x to 5x of invested capital. But executives say the main benefit is strategic. During times of low liquidity, the company saw a good opportunity to increase its equity and find solutions far from home that were lacking in different areas.

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“Now is the perfect time to invest. After the downturn during the pandemic, we saw some rampant, absurd valuations, and now that excitement has slowed. For an established company like Ânima that understands the market, this is A great opportunity,” Gama said.

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