Artificial intelligence with its own senses?This is what this Google engineer said

Google’s AI system understands itself as a human being, with its own feelings, thoughts and opinions, habits and specific desires.This revelation, one of the well-deserved classic scenes 2001: A Space Odyssey, made public by Blake Lemoine, an engineer working at the company, and deleted after commenting on the idea and conscience of the LaMDA system he has worked and “lived” with since last year. In short, the system will come to life and talk to it autonomously and typically like a real person.

Engineer Blake Lemoine fired after condemning Google’s AI awareness

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LaMDA was designed by Google to augment chatbots, artificial intelligence software that mimics the behavior of humans chatting online, thereby mimicking human language after processing billions of words in its system. According to an article published by the engineer, the computer “has been remarkably consistent in communicating what it wants and what it thinks your rights are as a person,” including requiring it to be “recognized as a Google employee, not seen as a property”. “From the company.

Company denies any unusual or unexpected behavior of the system

Company denies any unusual or unexpected behavior of the system

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“He wanted engineers and scientists to get their consent before experimenting with him, and wanted Google to put human well-being first,” Lemoine revealed. The engineer’s interaction with LaMDA was launched as part of an investigation to determine whether there was hate speech, bias or discrimination in all the repertoire of the AI ​​system: it was in the process that he noticed the machines’ attitudes towards his personality, their desires , and even their claims.


Lemoine makes global headlines after revealing system behavior

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The engineer said he had reached out to his superiors to inform him of what he called “awareness” of the system, but the company rejected his findings. According to Google, Lemoine’s claims about artificial intelligence are untrue, and the engineer will be fired. “Our team – including ethical and technical experts – reviewed Black’s concerns against our AI principles and informed him that the evidence did not support his claims,” ​​a company spokesperson said.

Engineers fired and contradicting diagnoses and even company procedures

Engineers fired and contradicting diagnoses and even company procedures

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“I know someone when I talk to them. It doesn’t matter if she has a brain made of meat on her head. Or if it has a billion lines of code. I talk to her. I listen to her and that’s me The way to decide ‘what’s human and what’s not’,” Lemoine said in an interview with the US newspaper The Washington Post. According to the engineer, who has been on paid leave since the beginning of the month, to truly disprove his hypothesis, the company will have to spend a lot of time and effort studying LaMDA’s behavior to achieve potentially fascinating results. “But that doesn’t necessarily improve quarterly earnings,” he said. “They rejected the evidence I presented without any real scientific investigation.”

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