Artists exhibit photos around the world, NFTexperience launches in the country, Nike launches digital sneaker collection

NFTs have also been mobilizing creators and entrepreneurs in Brazil as they continue to lead the broader cryptocurrency market in 2022. Below is an overview of the non-fungible token market in the country in recent days.

Livia Elektra’s NFTs spread around the world

Livia Elektra of Brazil, recognized by the NFTPhotographers platform as one of the 109 best photographers in the world exploring this new media format, has been invited by the NFT project “Women’s World”, Code Green and Vinci Airport to present her work in more than 20 airports . 22 other emerging artists from the non-fungible token scene from around the world.

NFT exhibitions were held at airports in France, Japan, Portugal, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Serbia. In addition, his work has been shown in Los Angeles and will soon be on the big screen in Times Square in New York.

The artist, who has collaborated with big names in Brazilian pop, also attended NFT Liverpool 2022 in the UK. Livia’s work has been selected by Keith A. Grossman, President of TIME Magazine, and will be exhibited at Adelia Art Gallery, one of the UK’s foremost pop and contemporary art galleries today.

Meanwhile, the photographer has been developing two projects aimed at increasing women’s participation in the digital art market and NFTs:

“My idea is to revolutionize the statistics of women in the art market. I want to help women expand their power, both in terms of evaluating and exposing their projects.”

The first project is an as-yet-unnamed collection of NFTs with a production team made up of mostly women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. A portion of the proceeds from the series will be used to fund and support NFT projects for other female artists.

The second is an NFT exchange focused on women and the LGBTQIA+ community. Both are expected to be released later this year.

NFExperience in Brazil

NFTexperience is a market A non-fungible token that started operations in Brazil on Sunday, the 24th. According to the press release, the platform offers 250,000 NFTs that can be purchased using Binance Coin (BNB). The minimum price of NFTs traded on NFTexperience is around 150 reais (0.077 BNB).

Aggressive marketing action marks NFTexperience’s entry into Brazil. Earlier this month, the company promoted an operation in Viaduto do Chá in downtown São Paulo, in which a masked mysterious figure known as LordX handed out cash to passersby. He also participated in “treasure hunts” on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Goiania.

Now, NFTexperience promises a series of promotions that will allow platform users to benefit from international travel, vehicles and crypto assets. All those who use the platform to earn NFTs will participate in sweepstakes through which such prizes are distributed.

Additionally, qualified NFTexperience users will be able to join a benefit club called Clan X, which will have closed groups on Telegram and Discord as well as the Metaverse.

NFTexperience, which is based in European tax haven Malta, did not disclose who the company’s legal representative is.

Space Backpackers Crew: an NFT project focused on education

Space Backpackers Crew is a Brazilian collection of NFTs created by three software developers and a graphic designer focused on providing technical education to socially disadvantaged youth and adults.

The collection includes 5,000 NFTs created by generative art. During the NFT minting process, 8 prominent features are combined with another 120 items to create one-of-a-kind, exclusive artwork.

The first launch stage of the Space Backpackers Crew took place on March 25 at market OpenSea, and generated 2,200 NFTs. A total of 0.04 ETH (~576 BRL) has been transferred so far in the series.

According to the creators of the project, 50% of all income generated by the series will be used to create a fund to fund free technical education projects in underprivileged communities, as announced by Jonathan Cristovão do Amaral, co-founder of Space Backpackers Crew Report from the Brazilian NFT Portal:

“We want to expand our reach and take on the mission of educating the next generation who are undermined by cycles of poverty. We believe technology is a tool for change, and that’s what we’re proposing.”

Nike Cryptokicks

Studio RTFKT, which was acquired by Nike last December, revealed to the world the sporting goods brand’s new collection of digital sneakers.

The virtual sneakers, called “Nike Cryptokicks,” were minted from a mystery box that was given away for free to token holders of the Clone-X project.

Virtual shoes are available to those who own the “Mnlth” NFT, a mystery box that is given away for free to NFT holders in the Clone-X series. The collection includes eight different customizable models.

Recently, prominent NFT collector Cozomo de’ Medici, better known as Snoop Dogg, revealed his secret to identifying potential collectors of successful non-fungible tokens, Cointelegraph Brasil reported.

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