Ball – Benfica – Porto: follow live here (roller hockey)

29 minutes: Porto’s 11th foul.

28th minute: Rafa’s shot misses the target, but it ends up in the direction of Gonzalo Pinto.

In the 27th minute, Eduramas volleyed from the middle of the road, and Harvey Marian made a wonderful save.

Occasional clashes between Carlo Di Benedetto and Lucas Ordonez in the 26th minute saw Benfica’s Argentina international treated badly, who was brought in after receiving medical help on the track to the bench.

Part two begins!

Benfica took the lead in the first half with the result that Porto took the lead in the first half. The Reds have always been the most dangerous team and the one that circles the opposing goal the most, and in that chapter, Harvey Marjan still put off the Eagles’ first goal.

However, the Spain international was helpless in the 13th minute, when a shrewd Carlos Nikolaia fired into Porto’s No. 1 to open for Luce. Xiaolong tried to react, but Pedro Henriquez was always safe between the posts. The Benfica goalkeeper even managed to save Gonzalo Alves’ direct free-kick.

The Reds were awarded a direct free-kick shortly after – the tenth foul committed by the Blues and the Whites – but Lucas Ordonez was unable to get past Javi Marjan. The Porto goalkeeper would shine again in seconds – all in the last minute(!) of the first half – when he saved Carlos Nicolía’s penalty.

But the break wouldn’t come without another goal, and Lucas Ordonez, at the whistle of the break, deftly deflected Polman Rubia’s cross and extended the lead to the Eagles. The referee duo still spent a few minutes deliberating as FC Porto players and officials argued because they knew the goal would come after the 25th minute, but it was Carlos Correa and Joaquim Pinto The decision remained unchanged and Benfica entered a break to win 2-0.

classic part 2 everything is open fair play by the artist. May it continue…

rest! Benfica 2 Porto 0.

Derby referees Carlos Correa and Joaquim Pinto confirmed Benfica’s goal minutes later.

Many Porto players and officials protested because they understood that the regular 25 minutes of the first half were over when Lucas Ordonez scored Benfica’s second goal.

In the 25th minute, Benfica scored! Polman Rubia and Lucas Ordonez made close crosses to make it 2-0.

25th minute: Carlos Nicolia puts Javi Marian in defense during a penalty conversion.

25th minute: Gonzalo Alves throws the ball to the ground, so Benfica will benefit from a penalty.

In the 25th minute, Lucas Ordonez’s free kick turned directly, and the shot hit the defense of Harvey Marian.

25 minutes: Porto’s tenth foul. This time it was Benfica who benefited from a direct free-kick, with 14 seconds left.

25th minute: Gonzalo Alves shoots well for Pedro Enrique in a direct free kick conversion.

25 minutes: Tenth foul by Benfica. Porto would benefit from a direct free-kick 23 seconds before the break.

25th minute: Porto’s 9th foul.

25th minute: Eighth foul by Porto.

24th minute: Gonzalo Alves’ powerful shot is saved by Pedro Henriquez.

23 minutes: Benfica’s 9th foul.

23 minutes: Benfica fouls the eighth time.

22nd minute: Reinaldo Garcia could have equalised but the Blue and White captain’s free-kick went over Pedro Henrique’s crossbar.

21st minute: Great chance for Eagles to extend their lead, but Gonzalo Pinto’s shot goes over the bar.

Benfica president Rui Costa attended the presidential podium at Palazzo Luce.

21st minute: Benfica manager Nuno Resende calls for a timeout.

20 minutes: Benfica fouls for the seventh time.

20th minute: Gonzalo Alves makes another personal initiative but Porto 77’s shot is blocked by Pedro Henriquez.

19min: Sixth foul by Benfica.

19 minutes: An unexpected clash between Diogo Rafael and Ezequier Mena forces the Porto Argentina international off the track for medical help.

In the 19th minute, Gonzalo Pinto made a cross and Harvey Marian made a save.

18th minute: Porto commits the seventh foul.

16th minute: Porto coach Ricardo Ares calls for a timeout.

16th minute: Excellent individual performance by Carlo Di Benedetto, who manages to pass the ball in the rotation, but the France international’s shot misses Pedro Henriques Left post.

15min: Fifth foul by Benfica.

13 minutes: Benfica scores! Carlos Nicolía hits Xavi Malián just in time and the ball goes into the white and blue goal. 1-0.

12th minute: Harvey Barroso passes far, the red goalkeeper defends again.

11 minutes: Benfica’s fourth foul.

11th minute: Benfica manager Nuno Resende calls for a timeout.

11th minute: Sixth foul by Porto.

11th minute: Another intervention by Pedro Henriques, this time Carlo Di Benedetto saved by Gonçalo Alves.

11th minute: Carlos Nicolia hits the edge of Javi Marian’s goal.

In the 9th minute, Gonzalo Alves took a long shot and Pedro Enrique saved the ball. In the reloads, Carlo Di Benedetto came very close to scoring.

9th minute: Porto coach Ricardo Ares calls for a timeout.

9min: Porto’s fifth foul.

8th minute: Harvey Barroso’s arc shot for Pedro Henrique’s safety.

7th minute: In transition, Gonzalo Pinto’s cross, after Lucas Ordonez’s pass, allows Javi Marian to intervene again.

6th minute: Good job by Lucas Ordóñez, the Argentina international strikes very close to Xavi Malián’s right post.

5min: Porto’s fourth foul.

5th minute: Gonzalo Alves saves Pedro Henriquez with a great individual initiative shot.

5 minutes: Porto’s third foul.

4 minutes: Benfica’s third foul.

4th minute: Gonzalo Alves saves Pedro Henrique.

4th minute: Diogo Rafael tries his luck, but again Javi Marjan shows special concern.

4th minute: Lucas Ordonez’s shot and Javi Marjan’s save.

3 minutes: Benfica fouls for the second time.

3 minutes: Porto commits a second foul.

2 minutes: Porto’s first foul.

2min: First foul by Benfica.

In the first minute, Rafael’s long-range shot was saved by Harvey Marian.

Game start!

Benfica (starting five): Pedro Enrique CDiogo Rafael, Edu Lamas, Lucas Ordóñez and Gonçalo Pinto

coach: Nuno Resend

FC Porto (top five): Xavi Marian, Telmo Pinto, Rafa, Reinaldo Garcia C and Goncalo Alves

coach: Ricardo Ares

referee: Carlos Correia (AP Minho) and Joaquim Pinto (AP Porto)

There is already a team!

The red venue will be fully booked in the derby as on Sunday morning the Luz club announced that it had sold all tickets for the reception to Porto players.

There’s a new duel between red and blue and white this Sunday, but this time at Pavilhão da Luz in Lisbon. Benfica will naturally be under more pressure and want to win to balance the final score. Of course, in the opposite direction, FC Porto is looking for another win, which would make the Dragons very capable of winning the title if that happens.

The Dragons arrived at this meeting before a draw because, last Thursday, at the Dragão Arena in Porto, they won their first game and then… rout. Carlo Di Benedetto (2), Gonzalo Alves, Xavi Barroso and Rafa scored for Ricardo Ares’ team.

Benfica and Porto meet again this afternoon (15 hours) in the second game of the National Hockey Championship play-off final. The match will be permanently monitored online on A BOLA and will also be broadcast directly on BOLA TV. Come on, dear reader. will be played from the beginning in this classic…

Good evening!


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