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19th minute: Max Landis at the free throw line converts the first and misses the second. 34-31.

19min: Joao Betinho Gomez sinks. 33-31.

19th minute: Jose Barbosa 2 points. 33-29.

18th minute: Luis Silva sinks to extend the Dragons’ lead. 33-27.

17th minute: João Soares makes a three-pointer. 31-27.

17 min: Dennis Clifford converts from the free throw line. 28-27.

16th minute: Joao Betinho Gomez scores for the Reds. 28-25.

16th minute: Francisco Amarante scores a three. 28-23.

14 minutes: Miguel Queiroz scores again. 25-23.

13th minute: Wendell Lewis equalizes again. 23-23.

12th minute: Brad Tinsley makes his first shot from the free throw line and misses his second. 23-21.

11th minute: Ben Romdhane makes a three-pointer. 22-21.

Part two begins!

A balanced game, although Porto has a slight advantage. Mind you, by the way, the Dragons were far better than they were in Game 2, where at halftime they had just… 21 points. In other words, in this first period, Moncho Lopez’s men have done more than they did in the first half of the previous game.

The first issue is over! Porto 22 Benfica 18.

10 minutes: Vladyslav Voytso converts from two. 22-18.

10th minute: José Barbosa misses the first ball from the free throw line and converts it into the second. 20-18.

10 minutes: Miguel Queiroz hits a three-pointer and converts. 20-17.

10th minute: Miguel Queiroz scores a goal from the free throw line, the second goes wide. 17-17.

9 min: Jose Barbosa also launches successfully. 16-17.

9th minute: Miguel Queiroz converts at the basket and pushes Xiaolong to the front. 16-15.

8th minute: Dennis Clifford misses two shots from the free throw line.

8 minutes: Two Mike Morrisons. 14-15.

8th minute: Frank Gaines conversion at the free throw line. 12-15.

8th minute: Porto coach Moncho Lopez gets a technical foul for protesting.

7th minute: Joao Betinho Gomez is out again, another 3-pointer. 12-14.

7th minute: Markus Loncar misses from the free throw line and converts for the second. 12-11.

6th minute: Frank Gaines converts a three-pointer to a draw. 11-11.

6 mins: Max Landis is relentless at the free throw line. 11-8.

6th minute: Aaron Broussard misses the free throw line, 2nd misses. 9-8.

5 mins: Francisco Amarante is on fire, and now he has released his debut outdoors. 9-7.

4th minute: Francisco Amarante makes another inside shot. 6-7.

3 mins: The first 3-pointer of the afternoon comes from João Betinho Gomes. 4-7.

2 minutes: Wendell Lewis responds with the same dunk. 4-4.

2 minutes: Mike Morrison’s brilliant dunk puts Porto back in the lead. 4-2.

In 1 minute, Ivan Almeida made two free throws to tie the game. 2-2.

1st minute: Francisco Amarante opens the scoring at Dragão Arena. 2-0.

Game start!

FC Porto (top five): Francisco Amarante, Max Landis, Miguel Queiroz, Mike Morrison and Charlon Kloof
coach: Moncho Lopez

Benfica (starting five): Frank Gaines, Aaron Broussard, Joao Bertinho Gomez, Wendell Lewis and Ivan Almeida

coach: Norberto Alves

referee: Luís Lopes, Pedro Maia and Nuno Maciel

There is already a team!

Remember, this classic game will be played by two teams that have won the most national titles in the competition’s history: Benfica (27) and Porto (12).

The Dragons will try to turn things around and, of course, they want to beat the Reds to close the distance and keep their championship aspirations. If the Blues and Whites come out victorious this afternoon, they are guaranteed to play at least a fourth match, which will be played again this Saturday (15:00) at the Dragão Arena if that happens.

Remember, if they win, Benfica will be crowned national champions, as they won the first two games of this final (79-58 and 56-48), both in Pavilhão da Luz.

FC Porto welcome Benfica this afternoon (6pm) in the third game of the Betclic league play-off final at the Dragão Arena in the city of Invicta. BOLA online will be a step-by-step classic. Come on, dear reader…

Good evening!


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