Ball – Found Lincoln: Porto’s coveted midfielder who is almost as good as Ronaldinho in Gremio’s (Porto) formation

Now coveted by Porto, Lincoln has disarmed football from an early age, gathering technical virtues that made him a Gremio banner in his hasty formation as he easily skipped stages. The Santa Clara attacking midfielder, named as a natural adept at playing and reading moves, passing, commanding and shooting the easy way, trained with the Tricolor first team at the age of 15, 18 Aug 2014 , he fascinated Scolari with the motto being repeated and quickly appearing on the team’s official calls. It just made its debut in the 2015 game of Gaucho against União Frederiquense. His graceful form soared when he scored against the Argentine in San Lorenzo in the Libertadores. It broke Ronaldinho’s record. He became the youngest Gremio player to score in South America’s most important game. In those years, as director of Gremio’s formation, Júnior Chávare oversaw an unstoppable star whose elegant play was recognised in Brazil.

«When I arrived at the club, he had left the under-14s and he was moving towards the under-15s. He already has a great shot and he stands out against Brazil in his category. He has excellent technical ability and an above-average maturity », says the former head of Gremio and Atlético Mineiro, who leaves in 2021.

“He did miss the stage. He expected his process to be technically valuable. Maturity and experience combined. It had its own characteristics, it didn’t break out at first, but also not because of potential. I always thought we should give More time for athletes to grow. More time and more opportunities », he insists, to jump from 2015 to 2022.

«Analyzing him at 23, doing his natural learning, we can see that leaving Gremio is good for him. Like it or not, this environment and this pressure over its potential and quality is hurting it. Leaving took him beyond that, out of his comfort zone. So he took a new step in his career », he praised, referring to the flamboyant season in Santa Clara, Portugal. A dedicated boy who had to be tough without a beard, lost his father at the age of 11 and couldn’t erase his image.

Reset lost time condition

«He is a very docile man, capable of training and everyday life, with a very strong personality and equally strong family ties. He was carrying a very heavy commitment because he had little impact on his family. He carried a heavy burden for a long time without losing his dignity and focus on his work. He was always professional, enthusiastic and respectful,” added Júnior Chávare, aware that Scolari’s so-called “black diamond” was eager to shine in Portugal.

“He’s an athlete who’s going to stand out between the ages of 22 and 25 and manage to find his potential. It has all the technical possibilities and now also the tactics. It’s a situation that’s very demanding of him. There There are many ways to make up for lost time. There are moments where he has to live to make the leap », says Grêmio’s former director, ending with the most beautiful virtue Lincoln lent to the game.

«To talk about him is to underline a highly skilled player who hits the ball very well, makes decisive passes and knows how to keep his team-mates in goal. They too, in dead balls it’s above average. Mark’s apparent difference in the final third », praised the official, back to Scolari’s charisma.
«I remember training with Scolari, I was there. He did manage to catch the attention of a dedicated and triumphant technician, accustomed to foreseeing scenarios and perceiving underlying phenomena. Clearly, he’s on the right path. If it didn’t work out later, it wasn’t the off-field reason, it wasn’t that. Today we have evidence of this athlete’s resilience, he knows exactly what he’s been through, he doesn’t look back, he uses it as strength to build a different future. I’m really rooting for him and I hope everything will be fine. “

Will still bring great joy to Brazilian football

César Lopes is an unavoidable name in the formation of Grêmio, one of the most respected coaches in the club structure of Porto Alegre. He also met Lincoln and was eventually drawn to his charmingly lightweight ball.

“He was 11 years old, full of talent and a very strong technical component. I remember a triple crown game. We lost the game, he got off the bench and turned it around in two steps. We managed to win the Test. He is very gifted with dribbling, control, starting and finishing. He was decisive from a young age and technically perfect », he reflects.

«He’s evolved very fast, he’s improved a lot, he’s always been in the spotlight in the categories he’s been through, which are beyond his years. He was eventually released as a pro because he proved he was ready for the next stage », he concluded and fought back.

“To say it’s too early is a comment that could easily be made after it happened. It was determined by the performance he showed us at the time. We’re sure it will answer. But everyone has a different maturity time and it’s not just It’s the biology part, but the understanding of the game, the responsibility. As a professional, it starts from scratch and new needs arise. Although he has been learning, today he is reaping the rewards », Cesinha revealed, emphasizing the media’s essence.

“He’s always been a level-headed, happy player who worked hard to make his dreams come true. Football is illogical, some promise a lot, take a long time to hold on to, and some come suddenly. Lincoln is still young, he Has been bringing great joy to Brazilian football », he promises.

Boys are already under pressure from an adult environment

Roger Machado is currently training with Gremio in hopes of getting the tricolour giant back into Serie A after an embarrassing drop last season. It was his third time, and his second in 2015-2016, that he was the most useful coach to young Lincoln.

«He is above average in possession, vision and finishing. But it also created a lot of anticipation and a lot of pressure while it was still in development. Going into the career early and developing less because I train more than I play. Greater demands and frustrations. He is still finding himself, already under the pressure of an adult environment. He needs to develop through the game, to compete with people his age, which will give him a better ballast », the coach questioned all the excitement surrounding the midfielder.

“From a technical standpoint alone, I’m not fully formed. There’s still a long way to go in the emotional realm and the tactical part. But he knows how to grow through these difficulties, and there are a lot of people because of this rush, urgency and inconvenience. Be patient and go all the way. The processes have to be done, and in the background they are a rite of passage for the player to come of age. But he’s expected to get it all by the time he’s 20”, Roger explained, without denying the fascination of creating the idea.

«I have the vision of a classic Brazilian midfielder, a good touch on the ball and a positive relationship with the collective game. Off the field, he is a focused and balanced boy », he confesses, boosting his confidence from the Portuguese Lincoln’s record and light-up greed, assessed on the white and blue dome, and now also facing Jorge Jesus rivals Fenerbahce.

“He is still young and already has a lot of experience, which affects the safety of his game. He is fully capable of showing himself in the world and living up to the expectations of him when he was 16 years old. The growth is still high », he stressed.


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