Ball – “I am the champion of FC Porto, but the rise of Chávez is more to be celebrated” (Chávez)

Chavez returns to the league, bringing back the old protagonists of Flaviances history. Trás-os-Montes first appeared in 1985/86, gaining ground in the dispute over Liguilha, after finishing second in the northern sector of the 2nd Division.

It was a success with Raul Aguas, a moment of indescribable happiness for a region that did not know such a strong representation of football. Midfielder Kiki, a Cape Verdean with braids, an iconic look in the 90s, is more famous for his arrival at FC Porto, where he won the national title, that crazy Trás-os -Montes’ dream turned into an intoxicating reality for one of the worthy travelers. Kiki, who previously played in Vitória de Guimarães, arrived in Antas after passing SC Braga.

«I have fond memories of all clubs, but Chavez is sure I can say this is the most extraordinary chapter of my career. There I started my career as a professional player, I was on my way to Serie A and had an unforgettable game in Ligeria’s last game in Madeira Against União. We lost 2-3, I tied, but we still won 4-3 », recalls Kiki, who shared with two of Chavez’s historical figures: Antonio Borges and Diamantino Braz shared a midfield role. Chavez got into Serie A, finishing 6th in 1985/86 and 5th in 1986/87, which surprised everyone and was worth it for UEFA. Gigi in these wonderful walks.

«Pedroto discovered me through one of his scouts who saw me in the Amil Cabral Cup match between Cape Verde and Mali. Then there was the whole process that Mr. Costa Silva did for me at the Vitoria Stadium in Portugal. But it was a super team and it didn’t give me much room to play. My colleague Amândio Barreiras committed to Chaves and convinced me to join the change. I owe Barreras a lot. I had Álvaro Carolino as coach, but he was eventually fired and Raul Águas, who was still in the game, came on. We ended up climbing, and it’s an incredible story for everyone », says Kiki, 60, who lives in Cape Verde and is president of the country’s new national champion, Académica da Praia. A far-off feat for 53 years.

«I can add that the Rise of Chavez was a big party, the biggest party I’ve ever been through, and the fans went nuts. I speak freely, I’m the champion of FC Porto, but people don’t celebrate us in the same way. We were greeted by firefighters, vehicles were pushed by fans and paraded across the city », Kiki records. It was at the expense of his influence on the behavior of the Flavian that he came to Braga Braga, and soon after, Porto.

«This is not surprising because the man who took me to SC Braga was Manuel José. I had made an agreement with him to join Sporting but in the meantime he left and took me to SC Braga. After everything I did in Braga, FC Porto discovered my talent and it was through Artur Jorge that I came to the club in 89/90. It was also Artur Jorge who almost made me international in Portugal. I was on the bench against the Netherlands and our victory was Rui Aguas’ goal at Antas », he revealed, terrified of watching him enter the background of the blue-and-white world.

“This is a team full of stars, many of whom won the European Championship two years ago. João Pinto, a great captain and leader on and off the field. In that dressing room they were a great encouragement Any player who arrives. I played three seasons, finished my contract with Porto, won two unforgettable titles », recalls Kiki, who accumulated 55 games for the Dragons in three seasons, in Scored a goal against Madeira. After Artur Jorge, he worked with Carlos Alberto Silva, saw the rise of Baía and lived with Eastern stars such as Timofte and Kostadinov.


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