Ball – Sports – Benfica: Follow the Championship decision (Futsal)

This Saturday (9pm), Sporting and Benfica will meet in the first game of the final of the Futsal Championship. It will be the sixth derby of the season, with the Lions winning (three for Nunodias’ side) and one win for the Eagles.

Regular-season leaders, Sporting (looking for a second consecutive title) left Azemes and Fendang on their way to the final. Benfica (hoping to reclaim the trophy they haven’t won since 2019) moved past Leões de Porto Salvo and Eléctrico to make the decision.

Follow the main events of the competition here:

27′: Sports scores! Corner taken by Pani Varela (Sporting Portugal) on the left, first effort by Joao Matos (Sporting Portugal) is placed behind the goal.

27′: Andre Sousa (Benfica) makes a save on Pani Varela (Sporting).

23′: Sports scores! Eric Mendonza is at the far post after a right corner and uses the rebound to score.

twenty two’: Esteban Guerrero (Sporting) saves Andre Sousa (Benfica).

twenty one’: Cavinato (Sports) misses the target.

22.02 hours: The race begins!

21.51 hours: Rest! Benfica beat Sporting (3-1) in Pavilhão João Rocha.

20′: Another great save by Andre Sousa (Benfica), this time by Merlin (Sporting).

20′: Wonderful moment of the two goalkeepers! On the first counter-attack, Geeta (Sporting) got Romulo (Benfica) dirty before Andre Sosa (Benfica) made another brilliant save with a shot from Thomas Passo (Sporting).

20′: 59 seconds before the break, Benfica fouled for the fifth time. Rômulo (Benfica) beat Zicky Té (Sporting).

19′: Pauleta (Sporting) does a great job but misses the target.

18′: After the move, Hakare (Benfica) and Cardinal (Sports) fell to the ground, hugged tightly, and finally received a yellow card.

18′: Another great save by Andre Sousa (Benfica), Merlin scores.

17′: Jacaree (Benfica) is close again, the ball goes over the abandoned side.

In the 17th minute, Benfica scored! Chiszkara (Benfica) steals the ball from Eric Mendoza (Sporting) to give the ball to Jakare (Benfica) who has no waste in front of Geeta (Sporting).

14′: Cavinato (Sporting) saves Andre Sosa (Benfica).

14′: Dangerous shot at Arthur (Benfica) hits and betrays Geeta (Sporting). The ball is out.

11′: Andre Sosa (Benfica) makes another great save from a shot by Thomas Passo (Sporting).

11′: Benfica boss Gonzalo Alves turned yellow at protests from the Eagles bench.

10′: Zicky Té (Sporting) finds that Thomas Passo (Sporting) deftly brings down Andre Sosa (Benfica) and hits the post.

10′: Merlin (Sports) shoots from above.

9′: Benfica scored! Chiszkara took advantage of a misplaced pass from Guita to score Benfica’s second goal with the goal open.

8th minute: Cavinato (Sporting) is booked for a foul on Tayebi.

7′: Confusing moments in the game.Andre Sousa (Benfica) misses the target, Eric Mendoza (Athletico) starts but is fouled See the yellow Alfonso Jesus (Benfica).

6′: Erick Mendonça (Atlético de Portugal) passes the free-kick too close to the post.

6′: Another brilliant save by Andre Sousa (Benfica), this time by Eric Mendoza (Sporting) after an away goal.

5′: The corner kick taken by the Cardinals (Portugal Sport), Andre Sousa (Benfica) makes another great save.

5′: Pauletta (Atlético de Portugal) has a steal and a great shot. Andre Sousa (Benfica) defends.

4′: After another corner, Eric Mendoza (Sports) was again in the front area but again shot wide.

4′: Eric Mendoza (Sports) has a shot from above.

3′: Sports scores! Pani Varela on the left found Esteban Guerrero in the area where he scored.

2′: Benfica scored! Chishkara came back to his senses, Rocha appeared in the middle and shot into the net. The Brazilian pivot scored for the team he already represented.

1′: Geeta (Sports) shoots from above.

1′: Benfica opened the scoring. Alfonso Jesus misses the target.

21:00: Start the game!

20.55 hours: These are the start times.

sports: Geeta, Joao Matos, Eric, Merlin and Cavenato.

Benfica: Andre Sousa, Nelson, Alfonso Jesus, Chiszkara, Romlo

20.45 hours: The team has warmed up at the João Rocha Pavilion.

At Sporting, note the option of returning the injured Zicky Té (who hasn’t played since the Champions League final) to Nuno Dias, while at Benfica Robinho is out of Pulpis’ call-up.


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