Benfica AG: Rui Costa wants to change mentality, with ‘street’ calls to expel Vieira’s partner, Noronha destroys ex-president – Benfica

Benitez congratulates Rui Costa on winning the Youth League, but remembers to hug Pinto da Costa: «disappointing»

In his speech, Francisco Benitez congratulated Rui Costa on his youth league win and attributed the success of the current Benfica president to his success in the youth league.Still, he regrets it Pinto da Costa hugging the dragonand Pedro Proenza.

“The date chosen for the GA alienates many Benfica fans. When is the GA on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon so those far from the cathedral can hear and question direction? Athletics and volleyball. The sporting year now coming to an end is The biggest investment is marked, which allows the winning team to remain competitive and bring the other teams closer together. The European title won in handball should be the pride of all Benfica fans, and it may be the biggest European competition for a Portuguese club at the Olympics Sport. But this title cannot be seen as a purpose, but an obligation to keep betting on all forms. (…) To provide value to those who own it, and this is the direction Benfica is heading [aplausos] I would like to greet President Rui Costa and thank “Deputy” Fernando Tavares.

In football, Nyon’s heroes stood out and conquered the youth league. There are voices saying that the president has nothing to do with the matter. In this direction, for better or worse, you will be the face of football. Therefore, I would like to congratulate you on this remarkable achievement.

Regarding the first team, I’m just saying it’s hard to do worse. It’s required, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and I’ll speak again at the end of next season. I want to congratulate Benfica on the double and the European competition. The president has been our president since election night.But when I see a Benfica supporter and president embracing with heartache and extreme disappointment a man whose vision for the last 40 years is to end Benfica [aplausos]The league president cannot be accepted by any Benfica president, who aims to systematically hurt Benfica at every opportunity. The president is now obliged to defend Benfica on and off the pitch. (…) Since we are talking about union, I remind you that union is not required, it is conquered.

For three months, you’ve had a charter proposal on your desk. For better or for worse, she’s done. Jaime Antunes assembled a team of his choice and took over the project. Why, Mr. President, have you not called the General Assembly to discuss and approve the new regulations when you said this would be one of the first things you would do?

As for the forensic audit, he promised on the campaign trail that it is underway and will be filed. It’s not…it will be delivered by the end of the year. Barcelona has audited in seven months… Sir, keep the promise, carry out a comprehensive audit of the Benfica Group, and end the past once and for all.

Finally, transparency. Why can’t members refer to the operations of the last transfer window? They have every right to know. You can use what “Servir o Benfica” has already started. We hope you will do the same by the end of this window.

I will finish at the beginning. It is vital that our members participate in the active life of the club. There are no objections at Benfica. At Benfica, one expects a dedicated, positive and credible, and above all constructive, fighting spirit. I ask everyone to unite, but always stay focused and ask for better service to Benfica. I wish the President an honorable term. “


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