Benfica beats Sporting at home, delays decision to Game 5

won 5-3 in Game 5 of the hockey championship semifinals.

Benfica beat Sporting 5-3 in the fourth game of the hockey play-off semi-final on Friday to equalise, leaving final rivals Porto in the hands of Black.

Argentine Lucas Ordonez scored three goals in the second, 39th and 40th minutes for Benfica, Carlos Nicolía and Diogo Rafael Diogo Rafael scored the rest in 31 and 50 minutes respectively, while at Sporting they scored Gonzalo Romero (06), Joao Soto (18) and Alessandro Dero Verona (30).

The home factor played a decisive role in the semi-finals, with the victory favoring the visited teams, with the fifth and decisive match coming this Sunday at 18:30 in the Pavilhão João Rocha group stronghold “green and white”.

With the draw at a disadvantage, the Reds took the lead through Lucas Ordonez two minutes later, although Sporting equalised with a “shot” from distance by Gonzalo Romero with six points.

After the initial ray, with excellent effect near the goal, the game calmed down a bit, although the pace was always high, which is characteristic of the derby, the Lions turned at 18, by João Souto After another goal, it was banned.

Diogo Rafael squandered a good chance to equalise, coming in from a good position to finish.

An example of this is Lucas Ordonez’s ‘shot’, a direct free-kick six seconds after the restart that penalised Sporting’s 10th foul, by the 30-year-old ‘Lions’ in the best possible way Taking advantage, Alessandro Verona scored 3-1 on the counter-attack.

However, Benfica’s response was resolute, and it was through the dead ball that they were able to get back into the discussion of the game. After wasting his first step, 31-year-old Carlos Nicolía returned immediately to take a free-kick, and this time, he opted for a first and low shot to beat Angelo Geelong And shoot from close range.

After these free-kicks, Ferran Fonte and Mathias Platello were given blue cards, but the former will soon be back, throwing irons in Benfica’s 10th free-kick, throwing hope towards ” Incarnate” the host.

Lucas Ordonez eventually saved the equaliser in the 39th minute, causing the first big ‘explosion’ at the Fidelidade pavilion, and soon after, at 40, the Argentine repeated Carlos Nico’s penalty through a penalty Raya’s tactics and defeated Angelo Geelong with a low shot, the “Socks” who ran this fourth inning had a new turn.

In the closing stages, Carlos Nicolía and Lucas Ordoñez again had the ball dead, this time they wasted it, but with nine seconds left, with Sporting already in despair, Diogo Rafael recovered the ball and fired into the abandoned goal, a verdict was declared. Victory for Benfica and put the decision in the hands of a decisive black.

The competition took place at the Fidelidade Pavilion in Lisbon.

Benfica – Sport, 5-3.

After halftime: 1-2.


1-0, Lucas Ordonez, 02 min.

1-1, Gonzalo Romero, 06.

1-2, Joao Suto, 18.

1-3, Alessandro Verona, 30.

2-3, Carlos Nicolas, 31.

3-3, Lucas Ordonez, 39.

4-3, Lucas Ordonez, 40 (penalty).

5-3, Diogo Rafael, 50.

With the arbitration of Ricardo Leon and Pedro Silva, the teams line up:

– Benfica: Pedro Henriques, Diogo Rafael, Edu Lamas, Lucas Ordoñez and Gonçalo Pinto. Poka, Carlos Nicolía, Pol Manrubia and Pablo Álvarez also participated.

Coach: Nuno Resende.

– Sports: Ângelo Girão, Matías Platero, Gonzalo Romero, Ferran Font and Toni Pérez. Alessandro Verona, João Souto and Zé Diogo Macedo also participated.

Coach: Paul Freitas.


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