Benfica intrigued, but sport’s project attracts Jesus Alcanta

The Mexican defender, 18, is part of the goal of the Reds’ second formation. Sports have an impact on young people’s bets. The southpaw has been impressed with his maturity against Cruz Azul for Necaxa, a game that will be decisive for the Lions’ promotion as he starts in the B team.

Necasa’s 18-year-old centre-back Jesús Alberto Alcantar is set to become Sporting’s back-up, but his fate could have passed on the other side of the second round as Benfica, according to O JOGO’s findings Interested in your tender and based on the magnitude of progress you demonstrate, you are placed on a list of potential targets.

The Reds have a lot of respect for Alcantar, but Sporting’s project has convinced the athlete, fundamentally, because he thinks the Lions are more likely to gain recognition from the pros as they focus more on Alcochete Academy’s latest offering.

The Reds are not alone, both Bayer Leverkusen and AC Milan have followed the athlete, who has been considered a genius for the Nekassa youth team since childhood, with the technical ability of his left foot combined with his physical height).

The deciding factor in Sporting’s move to sign Alcanta was his debut for Necasa’s A-team in February. As the team lost, the athlete replaced Alexis Peña in the 62nd minute and, according to local media, helped stabilize the defence and gave Necasa the necessary stability to turn the text: Milton Jimenez, 85″, Rodrigo Aguirre, at 90″+5″, scored an away-win goal on Cruz Azul’s pitch, something that hasn’t happened since 2018 .

Alcanta’s maturity filled the eyes of the scouts present, who immediately set their sights on the Caborca. But even so, Necasa was worried about not putting pressure on the player to pull him back into the youth team, which is why he didn’t get minutes in the first team.

Currently in Mexico, it is difficult for new talent to gain a foothold in Europe when they leave the continent at a young age, which according to O JOGO is one of Sporting’s concerns, they will have a highly professional team to accompany him to adapt to Portuguese football . He’ll be working with the B team first, and he knows the deal hasn’t been formalized yet, but it’s clear that Necasa intends to keep some of the center’s passing.

Marsà got used to it quickly

A similar case to Alcantar is Marsà. The centre-forward was recruited from Barcelona when his contract expired last year, and today, aged just 20, he will join Ruben Amorim’s squad. In the youth team and later the Catalan B team, Marsà quickly came to the fore and was worth watching several times before switching to the Lions. Adapting to the sport relatively quickly, he started 19 games as the Bs’ starter last season and was called up 12 times by Amorim until his debut for the home team against Santa Clara.


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