Benfica Nunavares Women’s Futsal Final

Game summary

National Championship
The play-offs are over
(Game 1)
final result
7-4; GP 4-1
Ext: 3-3
40′ Over: 2-2
Intelligence: 1-1
Benfica 3 (4)
Nualvares 3 (1)
Leninha 16′
Leninha 36′
Ines Fernandez 47′
Katia Morgado 18′
Carla Vanessa 22′
Katia Morgado 45′

all for Benfica Victory over Nun’Álvares in Game 1 of the play-off final of the Women’s National Women’s Futsal Championship this Friday (10 June) afternoon. After 40 minutes of the regular season (2-2), overtime (3-3), and penalty shootouts (4-1/7-4), the Eagles advanced into Fafe!

Pavilion n.º 2 da Luz carefully furnished Host the first game of the decisive play-off.On the pitch, opening time More attacking moments from Nun’Álvaresand pivot Carla Vanessa highlight.At 2 feet, he was already up two opportunitiesone of the red goal side the other is Defended by Anna Katarina.

Benfica responds 4′Every Maria Pereira,but Batting Maria Odette. Utilize Eagles defensive turnover, Katia Morgadoisolated and confronted Anna Katarina, yes very close to the target, with no out-of-tune targets. 7 years old exist Another blatant operation directed by Luis Estrelabut Sara Ferreira hits the goalkeeper opponent.

from here, More balance and lots of attacks on both targets, several opportunities were missed.exist 9th minute, Ines Matosexist Reload footage from Derricks, forced a great defense by Maria Odette. After two minutes (11′), Derekas scores a goalWhere Leninhabut its Did not reach the contact sphere in time into the target.

However, in 16′ Leninha did not forgive. in a Inês Fernandes takes the cornerand Sara Ferreira evades Nun’ÁlvaresBenfica’s No. 14 jersey Finish and open the scoring in Luz. Eagles 1-0!

After scoring, in order to equalize the score, Fafe formation reaction, possession And the final minutes of the first half.through a direct free kick Beaten by Carla Vanessa and a red wall that allows it, Katia Morgadoright 18′, match the 1-1until the rest of the results.

Benfica Women's Futsal

exist the second time Both teams are looking for an edge. ○ Benfica, more urgent,This is Danger firstbut it is also conceded first. in a while Defensive Chaos used by Nun’Álvares, Carla Vanessa makes it 1-2.

exist Eagle carryyou Fans cheer for the teambut The ball doesn’t go in. arrive 32′ and 33′, Leninha and Sarah Ferreirashot separately exceed target by Maria Odette.Win, Fafe’s settings stand in the way Benfikista Investmentswhat there are manythere are insurmountable barriers.

36 minutes, 20 minutes after the first goal, Leninha scored twice in the game! Taking advantage of the opponent’s area to concede the ball, Benfica wide side Meet the expected 2-2 draw. it’s here, The game takes on another spirit, everything is open!

Benfica Women's Futsal

A second before regular time ended, Angelica Alves made it 3-2. However, the goal that gave Benfica the win was scrapped in a controversial bid in which no irregularities were found. Due to this situation, the score went back to 2-2 and the game went into overtime.

Ten minutes of overtime brought New equality after Cátia Morgado’s goal from 45′ and Inês Fernandes’ response from 47′. Leninha was still close to ending the game 4-3, but Maria Odete didn’t allow it. ○ 3-3 penalty kick.

we face to face, Benfica were even more efficient, winning 4-1 on penalties (7-4 combined in all stages). Inês Fernandes, Maria Pereira, Leninha and Angélica Alves scored for the Eagles and Cátia Morgado for Nun’Álvares.Marta Costa defends Carla Vanessa and Pisco penalties.

Victory came after 50 minutes of play and a penalty shootout, but Benfica led Faffica (1-0) in the play-off final!

game 2 planned on Sunday 11:00 am, June 12,exist Nun’Álvares Group Pavilion.

Benfica Women's Futsal

3-3 (4-1 gp)
Luz Hall 2
Benfica’s starting five
Ana Catalina, Ines Fernandez, Sarah Ferreira, Leninha and Maria Pereira
Marta Costa, Maria Inês, Thaila Mertins, Dricas, Catarina Lopes, Inês Matos, Angélica Alves, Beatriz Carrola and Kalê
Nun’Álvares starting five
Maria Odete, Ana Pires, Cátia Morgado, Carla Vanessa and Pisko
Bruna Barros, Cátia Tavares, Lara Bogas, Maria Costa, Taninha, Liana and Ritinha
during rest 1-1
Final 40′ 2-2
extended interval 2-3
Benfica: Leninha (16′ and 36′) and Ines Fernandez (47′); Nun’ Álvares: Cátia Morgado (18′ and 45′) and Carla Vanessa (22′)
penalty shootout
Benfica goals: Ines Fernandez, Maria Pereira, Leninha and Angelica Alves; goals for Nun’Álvares: Cátia Morgado

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