Benfica Porto final preliminaries play-off

This Saturday, June 4th, at 3pm, all roads lead to the Fidelidade team Benfica Kick off the Betclic League play-off final with FC Porto, with Norberto Alves and Tomás Barroso leading the way.

red coach, Norberto Alvesrevealed that “regularity is no different”, despite the importance of competitive moments, and admitted that having Benfikista’s backing “was an extra help”.

“Obviously it’s a play-off final, We will play with a high quality team, but routine is no different. We study our opponent’s game philosophy, their strengths and how we counteract them, See what we can use to win and have a game plan,” he said in a statement to BTV.

The two teams have already played a few games in the 2021/22 season and they know each other well, but there is always room to implement aspects that could surprise opponents.

“at this point, All teams try to introduce something new. We are no exception and they should too, but they are only minor tweaks. When we try to surprise too much, we lose our game idea,” he believes.

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Blues and Whites are a premium combination to bet on the physical components of the game. The coach knows this and cited solidarity among players and public support in the stands as points that could help the Eagles win.

“Porto FC is Solid and disciplined team Tactically, the defense is very physical. This is a team with a lot of offensive rebounds, and the table fight is very important in this playoff.Very important We do not escape our characteristics, as far as wanting to play and run.we must be Very supportive. We strive for home field advantage and we know Let our fans stay with us This is an extra help.this is fundamental the boys believe so much And trust each other, because this is a team”, Norberto Alves analyzes.

Thomas Barroso

Captain Benfica, Thomas Barrosoalso foreseeing a duel with opponents and underscoring the importance of taking the lead in the first game.

“This is It is very important to start making money, spiritually, especially at home.The first win is extremely important for the fans and the team because We mark a position and indicate that we want to win This final,” he stressed.

The base also highlighted Porto’s physical composition and gave the Reds a secret that they wouldn’t be surprised.

“Porto FC is very aggressive team And combine it with tactical discipline. It has a team with very tall and talented players. We must know how to live with it, mark our place, aggressivestop their counterattacks and internal attacks. We must be who we are, not lose our DNA, the balance between individual and collective action.we must be Be consistent, focused and united for 40 minutesbecause the final is long,” he stressed.

Thomas Barroso

Game at Luz and Tomás Barroso Invite club members and supporters to fill the Fidelidade Pavilion to create a positive atmosphere for the team.

We want the pavilion to be full, packed, bursting at the seams. Let this pavilion be full of Benfikita because that will give us that extra drive and energy that will make all the difference”, assuming the number 21.

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