Bespoke Home 2022: What’s New in Samsung’s Smart Home

Korean tech showcased “Custom Home 2022” this Tuesday. This is the second annual global event to announce Samsung’s latest home appliances and home products. Novelty is divided into three areas.

In fact, this year’s presentations focused on three key themes related to expansion. First, space, experience and time. Samsung shows how the Bespoke line pushes the boundaries of home appliances, providing a living experience that goes beyond convenience and flexibility to extend the life cycle of appliances.

Bespoke Home 2022 brings us Samsung news about the smart home

JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics

Additionally, this year’s edition showcases how Samsung can deliver a more comprehensive experience by expanding its bespoke collection throughout the home. Therefore, the focus is on updating kitchen appliances with trendy colors, updated features and premium finishes.

Meanwhile, the big news for the line is the global launch of AI-powered custom washers and dryers, as well as custom kitchen product packages.

In a range of products on display, award-winning design is combined with usability without losing sight of the sustainability values ​​associated with it.

In fact, Portugal is preparing to receive equipment designed to provide consumers with a new experience inside and outside the kitchen, now offering three types of products.

Samsung Custom Refrigerator


Custom Refrigerator: The current range is expanded with the introduction of a new black exterior panel. As a result, users can choose the color options that best suit their kitchen design and personal taste.

Colors available to date include Gorgeous Navy, Satin Sky Blue, Refined Stainless Steel and Cottta Beige. In addition, another novelty is an updated version in refined stainless steel, Class A energy consumption.

Bespoke Jet Cordless Vacuum

custom jet

custom jetPowerful yet lightweight, the Bespoke Jet Cordless Vacuum with an integrated cleaning and charging station provides hygienic cleaning from start to finish.

It has a visually appealing and disruptive design, and it weighs just 2.7kg for practicality. In addition to providing good cleaning performance through a motor with 210 W suction power.

In addition, the multi-layer filtration system filters 99.999% of fine dust particles, releasing only purified air during the cleaning process. Finally, it features a large-capacity battery that provides users with up to an hour of cleaning time when fully charged.

custom washing machine

Custom Laundry

Custom Laundry (available from August). Samsung is introducing two new washing machine models here – a custom AI washer and a custom AI dryer.

The first is the Bespoke AI Washer, which uses OptiWash to optimize each wash by using sensors to determine and dispense the right amount of water and detergent based on the rinse level of the laundry in the machine.

On the other hand, automatic detergent dispensers offer an easy solution for storing and dispensing detergent with each wash. Therefore, AI Ecobubble technology pre-mixes air, detergent and water before the solution enters the machine drum to create air bubbles that penetrate the fabric quickly at lower temperatures.

That is, reducing energy use while protecting clothing. SpaceMax technology provides greater capacity at the same depth, allowing users to wash more and less laundry.

Bespoke AI Dryer Tumble Dryer, with an energy class of A+++ in Europe, uses refrigerant gas instead of electricity to heat the air, saving you energy and money. It uses AI Optimal Dry technology that continuously monitors water levels through improved sensors, intelligently optimizing the cycle to completely dry the contents of the machine.

It also automatically controls cycle time and temperature to keep clothes from overheating. Additionally, advanced humidity sensors detect humidity changes to adjust drying temperature and duration for maximum efficiency.

The Smart Dial feature customizes drying by recalling the wash and drying modes and settings that users use most often.

In addition, users of two Bespoke machines work perfectly in pairs, and users can wash, dry and have their clothes ready within an hour. This is thanks to the capabilities of the Super Speed ​​Washer and Super Speed ​​Dry.

For the European market, the new Bespoke AI Washer and AI Dryer machines will feature Samsung’s latest energy-saving technologies and eco-friendly features, including AI Ecobubble, AI Wash and SpaceMax.

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