Binance Opens First NFT Market

Binance NFT is Binance’s marketplace for NFTs and “digital collectibles”, launched globally, showcasing the work of a hundred creators from around the world.

To celebrate the launch of this new marketplace, Binance will pay tribute to pioneering artists Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, whose innovative artistic approach reflects the ethos of the current NFT space. NFT technology has revolutionized the art world, making the concept of digital ownership possible for the first time. Because of this, Binance NFTs will begin with a series that brings together two of the most famous artists of all time.

As part of the first “Premium Event” auction, the “Genesis” collection will include two iconic artworks: three self-portraits and Divine Comedy: rebegetHelen Hai, Head of Binance NFT, said: “Binance shares similar values ​​with ‘Genesis’, revolutionizing the ‘fintech’ space with blockchain technology and cryptography, leading the way as a leading pioneer in blockchain, just like an auction’ Genesis’ will do the same for the NFT industry.”

The auction of the ‘Genesis’ collection will begin today, June 24th at 3am (Lisbon) for five days.

three self-portrait Andy Warhol

A leader in the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol introduced the art world to screen printing, a printing technique that makes it easy to reproduce originals. three self-portrait An iconic example of this technique, the artist has performed a stunning interpretation in vibrant colors.

Although the three self-portraits contain the same basic image, each interpretation (titled Nirvana, Vitality and Harmony) exhibits unique textures and colors that give each self-portrait its own personality.

Just as Warhol forever changed the value of reproducible artwork, NFT technology forever changed the way we value digital art.and three self-portraits, Binance pays tribute to Warhol’s seminal work. The series of games will be available in exclusive editions of 100 NFTs starting today. Auction winners will also receive physical artwork from Apenft.

The Divine Comedy: Salvador Dali’s rebeget

Holy comedy: rebeget Originally commissioned by the Italian government in 1965 to commemorate the 700th birthday of the poet Dante Alighieri. Dante’s The Divine Comedy is one of the most recognizable literary works of all time, and Dalí’s watercolor illustrations pay homage to the Divine Comedy.

2021 marks the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, and to commemorate this day, Binance NFT will offer a digital rendition of the Divine Comedy, titled Holy comedy: rebegetas an NFT.

This NFT contains blockchain elements, including the Bitcoin symbol, the Binance logo, and the company CEO Changpeng Zhao’s signature on the artwork itself (only visible at high magnification) – Binance NFTs can be seen in the blink of an eye The influence of hope can be on the NFT world.

The Genesis series auction, which includes Holy comedy: rebeget and three self-portraitstarting at 3 am this morning and will continue for five days.

The creators of the NFT “Premium Event” include many other names, namely from the music and sports world. Among the creators recently announced are the highly anticipated multiplayer action role-playing game Big Time, which allows players to team up with friends to collect and unlock NFTs; musician Timmy Trumpet; and Rivaldo Fei Leyla, the legendary Brazilian footballer and one of the greatest footballers of all time.

They will be joined by other confirmed artists and creators: musicians Lewis Capaldi, Lil Yachty and Kyle; athletes Michael Owen, Alphonso Davies and José María “Guti'” Gutiérrez Hernández; painters Frank Holliday and Trevor Jones ; the eStarPro esports team; and the digital collectible “Nyammy Treats: The Nyan Sum Cards” created by Mighty Jaxx (available only through NFKings Productions).

The “Mystery Box” of NFTs

Binance NFT will launch the first of a series of “mystery boxes,” a fun way for users to unlock special NFTs.

These “mystery boxes” are guaranteed to contain an NFT each, with content ranging from ultra-rare limited-edition NFTs to more common digital collectibles. The first mystery box series will be “tokidoki”, a Japanese word that can be translated as “sometimes” [“sometimes”]an internationally renowned brand based on the vision of Italian artist Simone Legno.

Since its inception in 2005, tokidoki has become a sought-after lifestyle brand for its “otherworldly” character – recently, 110,000 digital todoki were sold in minutes.

The first “Mystery Box” series contains 16 collectible “tokidoki” characters, of which 3 Binance characters can only be obtained through this “Mystery Box”, which is available on Binance NFT through NFKings Productions.

“Bai Chuang Plan”

Binance recently announced the “100 Creators Program,” which will focus on global local talent. Starting today, users will be able to browse NFT content and list other jobs from the first week of launch. Creators who released NFTs under the 100 Creators Program will continue to regularly release their NFTs in this new marketplace.

The program was launched as part of Binance NFT’s “Marketplace” category, which includes works by talented artists and creators from around the world. As part of its “Creator First” approach, Binance NFT offers the lowest fees on the market, including a nominal 1% processing fee – artists receive a 1% lifetime royalties, taking profits from every NFT sale. Binance NFT Marketplace, no matter how many times your job changes hands.

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