BOLA – FC Porto beat Benfica in first game of final (roller hockey)

FC Porto thrashed Benfica 5-0 in the first game of the play-off final of the National Hockey Championship at the Dragão Arena in the city of Invicta earlier this Thursday afternoon on A Bora TV.

Xiao Long completely annihilated the Eagles’ intentions with a grand performance, and Carlo Di Benedetto’s goal immediately kicked off the derby and became the blue and white motto of the game.

Until the break, it should be added, the artwork is actually done. The France international scored again after Gonzalo Alves also added his name to the match’s goalscorer list, with Xavi Barroso making it 4-0 at the end of the first 25 minutes.

In the second stage, facing a stunned Benfica, who could not even score a direct free kick, Rafa sealed the final 5-0 with an excellent assist from Ezquel Mena.

With this victory, Porto took the lead and now turn their attention to the second game scheduled for next Sunday (15:00), this time in Pavilhão da Luz. In this game, Benfica will definitely give a complete answer and win the play-off final.

Remember the game movie:

competition is over! Porto 5 Benfica 0.

49th minute: Benfica manager Nuno Resende calls for a timeout.

48th minute: Eduramas converts a direct free-kick to a defensive shot for Thiago Rodriguez, who replaces Javi Marian.

48 minutes: 20th foul by Porto. Benfica would benefit from another direct free-kick.

46th minute: Porto coach Ricardo Ares calls for a timeout.

46 minutes: Benfica’s 13th foul.

43 minutes: Porto’s 19th foul.

The blue and white dominance continues, the red is unresponsive. The results have come, and Pedro Henriques has even stopped the numbers from increasing further. On the other hand, Harvey Marion has less work than he expected…

41 minutes: Porto’s 18th foul.

39th minute: Porto coach Ricardo Ares calls for a timeout.

37 minutes: Benfica’s 12th foul.

36 minutes: Porto’s 17th foul.

35 minutes: Benfica’s 11th foul.

33rd minute: Benfica manager Nuno Resende calls for a timeout.

33 minutes: Porto’s 16th foul.

32nd minute: Carlo Di Benedetto’s free-kick transforms directly, allowing Pedro Henriques to defend.

32nd minute: Tenth foul by Benfica. FC Porto will benefit from a direct free kick.

28th minute: Lucas Ordonez takes a direct free-kick, allowing Javi Marjan to defend.

28 minutes: Porto’s 15th foul. Benfica would benefit from a direct free kick.

27th minute: Porto’s 14th foul.

27th minute: Porto’s 13th foul.

27th minute: Porto scores! Facing Pedro Henriques, perfect assists from Ezequiel Mena and Rafa added to the count. 5-0.

Part two begins!

As the result itself showed, Porto were clearly better than Benfica in the first half, so the result was a perfect fit for what happened in the first 25 minutes.

The Dragons came in with a bang, with Carlo Di Benedetto even scoring a goal two minutes earlier and the France international set to pull it back in the 14th minute. Meanwhile, Gonzalo Alves also fell in love with the stick. The fourth goal for the Blues and Whites came late in the first half as Xavi Barroso beat Pedro Henrique.

Benfica have been underperforming this season, and even a direct free-kick from the Reds couldn’t undo Javi Marian-Carlos Nikola’s 23rd-minute save by the Spanish goalkeeper.

Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa on the presidential podium at the Dragon Arena, which by the way is the emblem of the President of Porto, Ricardo Ares’ men rested with a very comfortable advantage , which puts them in a good starting position as the play-off final is tied in front.

Part 1 is over! Porto 4 Benfica 0.

25 minutes: Benfica’s 9th foul.

24 minutes: Porto’s 12th foul.

24 minutes: Porto’s 11th foul.

24 minutes: Eighth foul by Benfica.

In the 23rd minute, Carlos Nicolia converted a free kick and shot directly, letting Harvey Marian defend.

23 minutes: Porto’s tenth foul. Benfica would benefit from a direct free kick.

23rd minute: Diogo Rafael hits the post.

23rd minute: Gonzalo Alves hits the post again and Porto’s shot at No. 77 is blocked by Pedro Henrique.

21st minute: Porto scores! On the rebound of Gonzalo Alves’ shot, Javi Barroso, who had plenty of space, had no chance to defend against Pedro Henriquez. 4-0.

21st minute: Gonzalo Alves hits the post.

21 minutes: Benfica fouls for the seventh time.

20th minute: Porto’s 9th foul. Benfica will benefit from a direct free kick for the next foul against Xiaolong.

19th minute: Benfica manager Nuno Resende calls for a timeout.

19min: Sixth foul by Benfica.

17th minute: Eighth foul by Porto.

17min: Fifth foul by Benfica.

16th minute: Seventh foul by Porto.

16min: Fourth foul by Benfica.

15 minutes: Benfica’s third foul.

14 minutes: Benfica fouls for the second time.

Eagles goalie Pedro Henriquez is back on the field after recovering from a physical problem that forced him to be assisted.

14th minute: Porto coach Ricardo Ares calls for a timeout.

14 minutes: Porto scores! Assisted by Telmo Pinto and Carlo Di Benedetto, the first effort made it 3-0.

13th minute: Porto scores! Gonçalo Alves from mid-range provided a powerful and well-positioned shot into the top left corner of the red goal. 2-0.

Benfica goalkeeper Pedro Henriquez had some physical complaints, was assisted in the middle of the track (which naturally led to the interruption of the game) and even had to leave the field. Rodrigo Vieira will take his place.

12th minute: The Porto striker shoots straight at the Benfica goalkeeper’s defence in the duel between Gonzalo Alves and Pedro Henrique.

12th minute: Gonzalo Alves shoots straight in a direct free-kick conversion, but the referee duo understands Pedro Enrique moving early and orders a repeat of the direct free-kick.

12th minute: Carlos Nicolía receives a blue card. FC Porto will benefit from a direct free kick.

In a stop-and-go game, Benfica tried to respond to Porto’s early goal, but Xavi Marjan denied all intentions from the Reds’ players. On the other hand, Pedro Henriques was also highlighted in the Eagles’ goal.

8min: Porto coach Ricardo Ares calls for a timeout.

8 min: Sixth foul by Porto.

6min: Fifth foul by Porto.

5min: Porto’s fourth foul.

5 minutes: Porto’s third foul.

3 min: Benfica manager Nuno Resende calls for a timeout.

3 minutes: Porto commits a second foul.

2 minutes: Porto’s first foul.

2 minutes: Porto scores! Passes from Gonçalo Alves and Carlo Di Benedetto, facing Pedro Henriques, opened up assets at Dragão Arena. 1-0.

1 minute: Foul by Benfica.

Game start!

FC Porto (top five): Xavi Marian, Rafa, Xavi Barroso, Gonzalo Alves and Carlo Di Benedetto

coach: Ricardo Ares

Benfica (starting five): Pedro Henriques, Edu Lamas, Lucas Ordóñez, Pol Manrubia and Gonçalo Pinto

coach: Nuno Resend

referee: Miguel Guilherme and João Duarte (Lisbon)

There is already a team!

An injured Pablo Alvarez was knocked out in the last minute for Benfica.

This play-off final, like the semi-finals – unlike the quarter-finals – will be played in the best of five games, that is, whoever gets three wins is the winner. . After this Thursday’s game, at Dragão Arena, the second game will be played at Pavilhão da Luz (next Sunday, 19th, 3pm), and the third game will be again at Dragão Arena (next Wednesday, 22nd). 8 p.m.). If a 4th game is needed, it will be held at Pavilhão da Luz (3pm on the 25th).If there is a tie in the final and it is necessary to play Blackand then Game 5 will be played again at Dragão Arena (20:00 on the 29th).

In the play-offs of this National Hockey Championship, Porto left SC Tomar in the quarter-finals and OC Barcelos in the semi-finals. Benfica, in turn, eliminated Valongo in the quarter-finals and Sporting in the semi-finals.

This season, Porto and Benfica have met three times in national competitions, with the Blues and Whites winning two and losing one. In the 7th round of the regular season on October 21, 2021, the Dragons won 4-3 at Dragão Arena. In 2022, more specifically, on March 6, the two teams meet. Luz, in a 20th-round game, this time it was the Eagles who prevailed, 4-1. The third classic match of the 2021/2022 season is the Portuguese Cup final, where Porto came out stronger and won 5-1 at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Paredes.

It’s important to remember that the blue and white teams won the regular season of the National Hockey Championship with 64 points (21-1-4), while the reds finished third with 56 points (18-2). draw and six losses).

A classic between dragons and eagles, in addition to all the competitiveness inherent in these duels, involves a highly correlated statistical component: Porto and Benfica each have 23 national titles, and in that sense, who wins The trophy that started this season will move in the list of the most famous clubs.

Good evening!


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