Bola – UEFA apologises to fans for incident in Champions League final (Champions League)

UEFA apologised to supporters on Friday for the incident recorded in the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Paris on May 28. The body overseeing European football also informed that it was awaiting the conclusion of an independent investigation led by Portugal’s former education minister Thiago Brando Rodriguez.

“UEFA sincerely apologizes to all spectators who experienced or witnessed the horrific and disturbing events ahead of the UEFA Champions League final in Paris on 28th May 2022. Celebrating European club football. No football should be allowed The fans are caught in that situation, which will never happen again. To this end, immediately following the incident, UEFA called for an independent investigation to determine the deficiencies and responsibilities of all entities involved in the organization of the final.

At the gates of the Stade de France, there were an estimated 35,000 fans without tickets or fake tickets, with many trying to force their way in, causing chaos and forcing authorities to intervene, even tear gas in an area where the family was. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries to regret.

In the same note, UEFA raised questions for the investigation. Read the following in full.

About the survey

«The independent investigation, led by Portuguese Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, aims to understand what happened during the preparations for the final and to determine what lessons should be learned to ensure that this does not happen again.

The investigation will seek to establish a complete, chronological picture of what happened in and around the stadium during the day, including examining the flow of spectators into the stadium through various entrances.

It will also review all operational plans related to security, mobility, ticketing and other at the discretion of the Inquisitor, and will review the planning and preparations undertaken by the entities involved to host the final, including at other locations such as Liverpool FC Meet Real Madrid FC supporters.

The independent investigation aims to identify any issues or gaps in the implementation and functioning of the operation and to assess the roles and responsibilities of all relevant entities and the adequacy of their response to the incident, in order to make recommendations on UEFA’s future best practice, and related stakeholders.

The investigation will involve UEFA and all relevant parties, including European football supporters as well as the fan groups of the two finalist clubs, the finalist clubs themselves, the general audience, the French Football Federation, the police and other national and, in addition to the stadium operators, local public authorities.

More information on how interested parties can submit referrals (via dedicated email addresses or online questionnaires) will be communicated shortly.

The findings and recommendations will be elaborated by Tiago Brandão Rodrigues and the experts who support him. The investigation will begin immediately and should be completed as soon as possible to produce a comprehensive overview of the incident.

Once the report is complete, UEFA will publish the report on for reasons of transparency. “


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