BOLA – Varzim says Leixões in default state (Liga 2)

On the last day of introducing the compulsory licensing procedure for playing professional games, Varzim released a statement reporting Leixões’ alleged breach of regulation, which, in Poveiros’ opinion, prevented Matosinhos from registering the logo in the upcoming season’s Liga 2 edition .

As A BOLA wrote in this Monday’s edition, B SAD and Leixões are two clubs that have not yet managed to resolve their issues with the league, which must be done by 23.59 this Monday. It is in this sense that Varzim, especially with regard to Leixões, takes aim at the battery.

«Today, 20 June 2022, Varzim Sports Club – Futebol, SDUQ is aware of alleged anti-regulatory practices implemented by Leixões Sport Club – Futebol SAD in the licensing process of professional competitions and that serious problems remain in wage control 2022 .

It is more clear to the Subscribing Company that, with the full connivance of the aforementioned Sports Company Board of Directors, the facts of such allegations have been observed and, unless due respect for a better understanding, are directly in conflict with the Regulations and all ethical sporting principles imposed by the League. Portuguese Professional Football Federation and Portuguese Football Federation.

We informed all our partners, supporters and sympathizers that, in the face of such news, we immediately decided to appoint a team of highly specialized lawyers and experts in the financial sector so that they could investigate the reported situation.

The specific situation is serious, neither the League Licensing Committee nor Hon lacks a strong and clear position. President of the same Mr. PhD. Pedro Proenza wants to get it from Mr. Players Union President, Dr. Joaquim Evangelista, thank you for the function they have performed and their responsibility to professional football in terms of clarifying these situations and transparency, and people we fully trust, even because of their recent brave and transparent decisions.

Finally, if the allegations we face today are true, we inform our members, supporters and supporters that Varzim Sports Club – Futebol, SDUQ is prepared and licensed as required to take on any football vacancy. Alleged violations were confirmed, and the sports companies concerned were barred from participating in the next season of professional competitions. “

Keep in mind that if B SAD or Leixões are unable to register for Liga 2, Varzim will be the first club to be invited to fill one of the vacancies, as the northern club finish 17th in the second division at the end of the season. In this case, the club guarantees to handle everything from a bureaucratic point of view in order to register in the professional game.


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