‘Brazil is the thermometer of the gaming industry’, says Etermax CEO

Maximo Cavazzani, CEO and Founder of Etermax: “Brazil is a very important market for Etermax as it is a great thermometer and influencer for the gamer community”

This EthermaxArgentine game developer is launching a 50 million reais investment plan for Latin America.The company’s goal is to expand its business mobile game, blockchain, metaverse, gamification and ad techThe company’s CEO and founder Maximo Cavazzani said the plan includes investments in cryptocurrency projects and NFTs, investments in immersive technologies such as AR and VR, and new entertainment format test.

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designed for Forbes Brazil, Maximo talks about expansion and what Brazil stands for as a consumer gaming market. “It’s a very important market, both as a great thermometer, as an influencer in the gamer community in other parts of Latin America, and where it stands among users of our products,” the executive explained.

Forbes Brazil – What is the importance of Brazil in terms of volume, business and market in the expansion of blockchain, VR and video platforms?
Maximo Cavazzani – Brazil is a very important market for Etermax, as it is an important thermometer and influencer for the gamer community in the rest of Latin America, and also because of the position it occupies among the users of our products. Given this importance, we have also chosen the country as a natural step for our regional expansion in 2019.

FB – Regarding scaling to blockchain and Metaverse, why is the video game world paying more and more attention to this ecosystem?
max – We believe that Web3, virtual worlds and the creation of social and interactive content are not just trends, but drivers of new positive contributions of technology to humans and society to foster greater creativity and thus talent development . Just as the internet has revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives, both virtual reality and blockchain have arrived to double the stakes and profoundly impact how we interact. We’re talking about new platforms that go beyond cryptocurrency value or using VR headsets. In general, these platforms propose an open and decentralized ecosystem with incredible potential for positive and long-term impact. Gaming and entertainment play a key role in this.

FB – I would like to ask you to talk about the Adtech space. Aside from how relevant it has become in recent years and the importance of this new business (advertising), how complicated has it become?
max – The advertising industry is changing as fast as media and entertainment, and often without us even realizing it. Digital advertising has been around since at least 1994. Today it accounts for 58% of global ad spending, according to experts. From that moment on, the way cyberspace is bought and sold has changed dramatically and silently. This evolution is that of AdTech, or ad tech, the technology used to manage and optimize online advertising. In other words, it’s everything that happens under the umbrella of apps, websites, and even digital ad spaces that let us see a certain caveat.

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FB – Can you outline the investment and projected profits for these new projects?
max – We expect an initial investment of $10 million over the next two years. They will work on the development and reinvention of these technologies to address proposals that are not only entertaining, but have a major impact on people, their connection to technology, the formation of communities, and the cultivation of curiosity and knowledge.

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