Brazilian Web 3.0 startup DUX brings Dubdogz to Metaverse

This DoakesLatin America’s largest crypto gaming community, announced a partnership with Dubdogz, one of Brazil’s leading electronic music duos, aimed at inserting artists into virtual worlds. To achieve this, the company that started out as an NFT gaming guild and is now a Web 3.0-focused startup has acquired land on a sandbox platform, and together with architecture studio Shift, it has been developing scenarios and unique assets, and the duo’s avatar. On the surface, the space looks the same as a sunset show on the beach, but developers promise surprises below ground.

The initiative was born to position the company as a Web 3.0 solutions hub for artists and celebrities looking to enter this new world. “We know the beauty of the metaverse is not just in facilitating social experiences, but in gamification.


We want to bring something unique to fans, where they can not only enjoy the atmosphere of a live performance, but also interact with their favorite artists, hunt for Easter eggs, complete quests, find secret passages, face challenges and mini-games. As for the first update, we’re going to insert a cyberpunk basement where players will be able to fight with swords and shields while rocking the Dubdogz soundtrack. Luiz Octavio Gonçalves Neto, founder and CEO of DUX, said that with this new action, we have expanded our reach and provided new solutions for all who wish to participate in this revolution.

The development of the Dubdogz realm is just the first step in a larger project that also includes the launch of a series of exclusive NFTs, gamification seasons and updates to this space, new subterranean floors, and the release of an unprecedented music video recorded in the Metaverse.

According to twins Marcos and Lucas Ruback, who make up the Dubdogz duo, the partnership with Dux opens up new territory for the duo looking for new ways to connect with fans: “We’ve been following all the revolutions in this new universe. , which is Web 3.0, we see it as a moment to commemorate our existence, not only for us, but mainly so that our public can continue to enjoy the work we do there,” commented Marcos Ruback. Lucas added: “For everyone who works in the entertainment industry, producing content is a natural evolution as a way to seek out where the audience is, always bringing them new experiences, in line with our Music completes their experience together.”

This is a partnership signed by DUX and has recently received Rs 10 million in donations from some of the world’s leading Web 3.0 funds. In addition to the Web 3.0 Solutions Center, the company owns the largest Axie Infinity gaming guild and scholarship in Latin America, investing $1 million and acquiring over 5,000 Axie NFT characters from gaming. 2000 players.

To learn more about DUX, visit its social network: Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About DUX

Founded in 2021 in Juiz de Fora (MG), it is the largest crypto gaming community in Latin America. It operates in the areas of investment, research and education in blockchain games, creating an ecosystem that facilitates people’s access to Web 3.0. It was the first Latin American company to receive a BRL 7 million investment from Old Fashion Research, and one of the first to receive a BRL 3 million investment from Animoca Brands. DUX is also a partner of the South African Crypto University and its guild, Mamba Gaming Universe.

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