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Victor Hespanha goes to space this Saturday

This Saturday (4), Brazilian Victor Hespanha traveled to space with Blue Origin, which is owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos. Seeing Earth from above, Hespanha will be the second Brazilian to go into space, along with professional astronaut Marcos Pontes, and the first to accomplish the feat in a touristic way.

In an interview with iG three days before the trip, Hespanha said he was “very excited and anxious”. “I’m still absorbing what’s going on in my life. I believe I’m a very fortunate person to have this opportunity,” he said.

The trip was a surprise for the 28-year-old miner. This is because, unlike someone who paid millions to go to space, Hespanha was selected by the Crypto Space Agency, a company he became a member of by investing in NFTs. “It’s pretty crazy to think I’m a normal guy going into space,” he said.

plane delay

Hespanha will join five others on the New Shepard rocket this Saturday at 10 a.m. (Brasilia time). In addition to the Brazilian, who is a production engineer, the crew includes investor and astronaut Evan Dick, electrical engineer and former NASA test chief Katya Echazarreta, executive jet pilot and Action Aviation president Jason Robinson (Jaison Robinson), co-founder of Dream Variation Ventures and Victor Vescovo, co-founder of Insight Equity.

The crew goes into space this Saturday
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The crew goes into space this Saturday

Originally, the mission was scheduled to launch on May 20, but was delayed due to technical issues. “During our final vehicle inspection, we observed that a backup system in New Shepard was not meeting our performance expectations,” Blue Origin reported at the time.

What happened didn’t make Hespania dread a trip to space, quite the opposite. “During the first training session, I was very relieved and convinced that Blue Origin was committed to keeping all the protocols and details to make the launch go smoothly. Done,” he said.

This Saturday’s launch will be held in Texas, USA, and the entire tour will take about 11 minutes. See more flight details here. [ADICIONAR LINK DA OUTRA MATÉRIA]

get ready to be an astronaut

Hespaña had already gone to Texas for some training a week before the trip. He returned to Belo Horizonte, where he lives, due to a delayed flight, and last week he traveled again to Texas for pre-flight training at a Blue Origin facility.

Accompanied by wife Marcella Hespanha, the newest Brazilian astronaut took to social media to share the daily training of Blue Origin’s Vila dos Astronautas.

For him, being able to share content and inspire others was a whole new experience. Hespanha believes in a future where space travel will be available to everyone, not just billionaires.

“It is a great honour for me to be the second Brazilian to go into space, and I hope this opportunity will inspire as many people as possible, especially children,” he said.

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