Brazil’s NFT game didn’t even last 24 hours, plummeted 100%

A Brazilian NFT game that didn’t even last 24 hours after its release saw a 100% price drop, costing an estimated R$1.3 million.

The NFT game, called MekaMiners, has been raising money for a new game on the market in recent months, promising to release a game with a new artistic concept.

The game’s scenario will be a future where the first robots are created by humans with the same ability to think and act as the population. These robots then work for the humans who created them, fight for their survival and mine precious metals.

Clearly, the concept is finally attracting people, with 1,430 wallets holding the coin this Thursday, according to a BscScan report.

Less than 24 hours after launch, Brazilian NFT gaming token prices plummeted 100%

Last Wednesday (23rd), MekaMiners said it would launch another NFT game created by a Brazilian, but it didn’t last long and the story was over.

That’s because, within hours of launching the NFT game on February 23, MekaMiners got a lot of loot, causing the game’s price to plummet by 100% this Thursday (24th).

With the drop, it is possible to lose directly to the $254,000 in game contracts, or even 1.3 million reais today.

MekaMiners’ MEKA token, an NFT game, melted even after 24 hours / Coingecko

The creators of this game are Brazilians who claim to live outside Brazil but claim to be development experts. Funding for the possible game started in August 2021, but this Thursday’s blow may have buried the project, which has barely been released for gamers.

This shows that the NFTs gaming market continues to be plagued by issues after multiple projects were buried by fraud from creators and even third parties.

Unhappy with the blow that might have hit them, many users took to the company’s social network and accused the developers of pulling the rug.

Netizens accuse MekaMiners of pulling the carpet
Netizens accused MekaMiners of pulling the carpet. Instagram

Audit error?

On Twitter, on Thursday morning, the team did not comment on the issue of its token, which apparently disappeared from the market when it was withdrawn from the wallet.

Even so, the statement blamed the 1.303 billion reais divestment on SolidityFinance, a company that recently audited the project.

The auditing firm has not commented on the case, despite an appeal from followers, making it clear that no one may have audited the auditors.

MekaMiners team blames game review for fraudulent losses
The MekaMiners team has blamed game moderation for the fraud that caused huge losses.Twitter

The case continues to draw attention to the Brazilian community, which has recently seen the collapse of CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes, and other projects that vanished after fraud.

See what the MekaMiners team has to say

Live Coins The MekaMiners team was contacted for clarification on the issue. The answer is given by Marcelo Rodrigues, co-founder of the game NTF.

So far, we’ve been completely transparent about all facts related to the project since day 0, and it’s no different now.

We described this issue in detail on the Discord announcement channel, and we also gathered our community where all interested members can join the Discord Voice Room, where I myself explain the situation, what happened, and the current status of everything .

At the moment we are not sure how to fix this, as we announced on Discord, the next step in our attempt to restore the project is to try to be accepted by Launchpad, currently we have submitted three of them and we intend to do another we are waiting for this time answer. Without being able to enter any of these, it will be difficult to recover, considering there is no more liquidity to feed the new currency.

In this attack, our team lost about $54k, team members calculate investment and project cost, believe me, we more than anyone want to be able to rebuild it all, after all project structure is very good, long term economics and we The community is the best we have experienced in any project we have had the opportunity to participate in, whether or not as an investor. “

When asked if it was a cyberattack and if there were any clues to suspects, Marcelo confirmed the vulnerability and said the author had sent balances to several wallets.

“Yes, this is a vulnerability, this is explained in detail in the Discord ad channel, including a statement from the company responsible for the audit. It is impossible to know the culprit, we tracked down the wallet responsible for the vulnerability, after it was stolen, it used tornado The agent distributed 650 BNB to over 500 different wallets.”

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