Brits report on rape in virtual world: ‘It’s real and disturbing’

Via posts on your page ModerateBritish psychotherapist Nina Jane Patelreporting harassment and rape he suffered in the virtual world Facebook.

While this is not a physical condition, everything that happened to Patel in this traumatic experience can be traced back to the abuse that occurred in real settings.

Reality or fiction?

The 43-year-old British psychotherapist conducts research in the metaverse – as the virtual environments run through virtual reality are called – and she is a co-founder of the company, cabney. The incident occurred while she was researching the physical and psychological effects of virtual reality on children and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 16.

In her report, she said:

I recently shared my experience with sexual harassment Facebook/Meta venue. Within 60 seconds of joining – I was verbally and sexually harassed – 4 male avatars with male voices actually nearly raped my avatar and took pictures. When I tried to run away they yelled – “don’t pretend you don’t like it” it was a horrible experience and it happened so fast I didn’t even think about putting up a security barrier. I was stunned. It’s surreal. It’s a nightmare.

Nina created an avatar that looked like her: shoulder-length blonde hair, pale eyes, and freckles on her face. All of this happened after the first few minutes he entered the virtual environment.

They were close to me and verbally harassed me at first. Then they started sexually harassing me, saying every possible sexual innuendo. Then they groped and touched my avatar inappropriately and started stalking me. I said, ‘Stop, please stop’.but they continue“, Nina said in an interview UOL. “What happened to me is real.

After reporting what happened, Nina received mixed comments: some supportive, agreeing that the episode was horrible; others criticizing her, claiming she just wanted attention and she should have acted differently. She describes some of these comments on her Medium page.

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In the comments, Meta, responsible for the metaverse Horizon Field The statement in which Nina was harassed reads as follows:

We’re sorry this happened, and we hope everyone has a positive experience at Horizon Venues and easy access to the safety tools that can help them (which also allow us to investigate and take action). The Horizon site has to be safe and we are committed to building it that way. As we learn more about how people interact in these spaces, we’ll continue to make improvements, especially in helping people report situations easily and reliably.“, the company’s note said.

Like every setting on the internet, virtual reality or not, abuse, racism, bigotry, and all sorts of other illegal and disrespectful issues are rampant. With the rise of virtual worlds, such a normative and punitive attitude has become increasingly important and urgent to prevent future abuse, rather than psychologically harming users or even creating hateful uprisings against class and race.


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Source: Nina Jane Patel


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