Campos neighborhoods receive “smoking car” to fight dengue mosquitoes

Application of the insecticide takes place throughout the week with the participation of agents from the Zoonosis Control Center


June 8, 2022 – 8:03 in the morning

“Smoky car” used by healthcare professionals and CCZ de Campos (Reproduction)

Campos City Hall, through the Municipal Health Department (SMS) and the Zoonosis Control Center (CCZ), began on Monday (6th) the use of the insecticide Ultra Low Volume (UBV), also known as the smoke truck, to strengthen efforts to combat Aedes aegypti the mosquito, which transmits dengue, zika virus and chikungunya fever. This Wednesday (8) are agents in the Pq neighborhoods. Guarus, Pq. Juliao Nogueira and Pq. Maria de Queiroz, Residencial da Lapa, Barão do Rio Branco, Pq. Dawn, S. Riachuelo, Pq. Oliveira Botelho and João Ferreira Farm.

The action, which will last about 40 days, is a partnership with the state government, which provided two vehicles – trucks with coupled machines – and seven technicians who, together with the coordination of the municipal vector control program (PMCV) from CCZ, mapped all the neighborhoods and structured the strategy that will be used to spray the insecticide.

“We want to block the whole city, especially in neighborhoods and streets with confirmed cases of dengue, zika and chikungunya,” explains CCZ director Carlos Molares.

According to CCZ, the car circulates early in the morning, from kl. 7 to kl. 11, and late in the afternoon, from kl. 17 to kl. the bank of the Paraíba River to the south and another to the left. When the smoke is on the street, residents must open doors and windows so that the insecticide emitted into the air can circulate in the houses.

It is also important to avoid being close to the car, covering bird cages and changing water at the animal water fountain.

Data from the Deputy Secretary for Primary Care, Surveillance and Health Promotion (Subpav) through the Notifiable Disease Information System (Sinan), indicates that from January this year to last Friday (03) there were 95 cases of dengue, three of chikungunya and one of zika was reported.

PMCV coordinator Claudemir Barcelos explains that the use of the insecticide in a spatial way is a complementary way to the other techniques to control Aedes aegypti, as it only affects the adult mosquito. To control the insect’s eggs and larvae, CCZ has conducted daily home visits and joint efforts on Fridays.

Mosquito control program

Wednesday (08)
Morgen – Q. Guarus, Pq. Juliao Nogueira and Pq. Maria de Queiroz.
Afternoon – Residencial da Lapa, Barão do Rio Branco, Pq. Dawn, S. Riachuelo, Pq. Oliveira Botelho and João Ferreira Farm.

Thursday (09)
Tomorrow – Pq. São Matheus, Jardim Ceasa, Pq. San Silvestre, Pq. Santo Amaro, Pelinca and Pq. Don Bosco.
Afternoon – Pc. Fundão, pp. Vera Cruz and Pq. Jockey Club.

Friday (10)
Morning – Q. New World and Penha.

Source: Secom / PMCG

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