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The metaverse and its implications are the subject of two French magazines this week. As ‘L’Obs’ explores the iconic Cannes Film Festival into this ‘new world’, ‘Le Point’ interviews Metaverse’s ‘King’, Andrew Bosworth, CTO of Meta, which controls Facebook , Instagram and Whatsapp – the goal is to transform 1 billion people into a parallel world by 2030.

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This year, the Cannes Film Festival is opening its doors to new technologies together with Brut, a new partner for the 75th edition of the festival, online media.

“The film industry is determined to jump on the moving virtual universe train,” L’Obs wrote. With Brut Media as a new partner, the festival has ambitions to integrate the “Fortnite” gaming phenomenon, but is also turning to NFTs.

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The 75th Cannes Film Festival opens this Tuesday (17) – Photo: LOIC VENANCE / AFP

Also new for this year’s festival are the partnership with Youtube, the reimagining of the Cannes Film Festival in media through the use of social networks, and entry into the world of video games.

Developed by the American company Epic Games, the universe of one of the most popular video games in the world, Fortnite, has received virtual performances from artists such as Ariana Grande or Travis Scott, attracting more than 12 million viewers.

This time, video games try to recreate the world of movies. In a virtual environment, palm trees, white tents and the iconic Palais des Festivals, everything looks set to share the annual cinematic event with players around the world.

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More than 350 million players in 2020, according to statistics portal Statistathe phenomenon is one of the best ways to reach the goal of this edition of privilege: young people.

French studio Vysena has specialized in the development of the Fortnite Creative experience since April 2021, recreating the Palais des Festivals and its surroundings in the game’s virtual world.

This isn’t the team’s first foray into photorealistic modeling, as several of its members have already worked on the reconstruction of an event centered on Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I have a dream.”

Convert 1 Billion Earthlings to Metaverse

Le Point Magazine interviewed Metaverse’s “king”, Meta’s CTO, Andrew Bosworth. Bosworth, a former artificial intelligence professor under Mark Zuckerberg and a Harvard graduate, recently took over the role.

He’s the trump card of this immersive world, the man behind Facebook’s rebranding as Meta, and the riskiest bet since the social network was created in 2004.

Andrew Bosworth is the CTO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

mark Zuckerberg The goal is to transform 1 billion Earthlings into parallel worlds by 2030 That ambition has cost him $13 billion, according to Reuters.

While Facebook’s revenue is stagnating, Andrew Bosworth says it’s preparing for a “post-cellular era” where people will access the web through accessories ranging from connected wristbands like CTRL-Labs to Ray-Ban Stories glasses , which makes it possible to share videos shot in real-time on social networks via the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset.

Star Trek fans who stand out as architects of Facebook’s news feed will be judged on the success of this metaverse revolution.

In December 2021, Meta launches Horizon Worlds, a social virtual reality platform, in the US and Canada. And, a few days ago, Zuckerberg released a preview of Project Cambria, which will help enter this parallel world: a helmet that, combined with new software, allows users to pick up virtual objects or go to the The gym trainer appeared before them. The front can take into account the movements of the legs and arms.

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