CAUS is the first Portuguese brand to sell T-shirts on NFTs

CAUS is the first Portuguese brand to sell T-shirts on NFTs

The concept may seem odd, but more and more brands are betting on the digital market.

The topic of NFTs is still sensitive to some extent — especially since the vast majority of people still don’t know what it’s about. If you are part of this group, know that its acronym stands for Non-Fungible Token, and this product is an object that exists only in the digital world and can only be purchased. We know this might seem odd, and you might be thinking, “Why would anyone buy something that only exists inside a computer?” . However, the truth is that many fashion brands are already betting on this space. For example, Portuguese company CAUS Apparel became the first brand to do so with T-shirts.

The idea for the project came about during a dinner with friends in the presence of two 22-year-old design students, Carolina Marque and Monica Domingues. “There was a lot of talk about NFTs. At the time, there was already a lot of talk on the subject, and later, outsiders from the brand said it made sense to have NFTs because we did a lot of work on exclusivity,” first told Carolina. NiT.

“So we started thinking about and decided to launch a Flash series to capitalize on the hype of the moment. To do this, we envisioned how we would do the illustrations and what the main idea would be. Since we are called CAUS, and part of the name comes from Chaos Theory – It’s an idea that a small change now can change a lot in the future – we decided to go there.”

Three T-shirts were then created based on the three phases of Chaos Theory. As the brand founders told us, each has a different usability.

“To test this exclusivity in NFTs, each piece has a different exclusivity. One has ten, one has five, and one has only one”.

Prices for works sold on the OpenSea website since January 19 vary between 0.035 and 0.02 ETH (the site’s digital currency, equivalent to a value between €46.73 and €81.78). Once they get them, in addition to keeping the images, they also receive a physical version of the model.

“Once people buy this NFT, they get a link and they can send it to us and we send them the physical t-shirt. So it’s also different from what you usually see because NFTs don’t necessarily Bringing physical products,” explains Carolina Marques.

CAUS Apparel by Carolina Marques and Monica Domingues in Summer 2021. “Our idea was to create a comfortable and unique Portuguese brand. Our pieces are all part of a limited edition. We make collections with numbered products, they don’t get redone – so we kept the NFT problem in mind because it’s also Unique. Another goal of the brand is to work with smaller artists or illustrators. In this way, we bring these drawings to our work,” the founder of the brand, which launched last September, told us.

Click through the gallery to see three NFTs created by the Portuguese brand.

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