CEO Márcio Menegatti says companies need to be aware of unauthorized use of brands in Metaverso

In the assessment of intellectual property expert Márcio Menegatti, companies are strategically placed in the metaverse. understand more. (Photo: Unsplash/Minh Pham)

Still almost out of reach for the general public, metaverseLittle by little, it’s taken over by some of the most recognizable companies in the world. And not for any reason.

MNCs like nike (nike), Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Burberry, Balenciaga and GucciAmong other things brand Well-known brands operate in the new digital space not only to promote their products but also to prevent counterfeiting.

Generally speaking, the metaverse is a collective, 3D and digital space composed of virtual reality, augmented reality and the Internet. In this environment, some of the largest companies in the world are developing new communication and interaction possibilities.

“We are living in a moment of great transformation. The metaverse is a new reality where the real world is interactively merging into the digital world”, explained Marcio Menegattiintellectual property experts and CEO Give Provincea company specializing in trademark and patent registration.

In Menegatti’s assessment, businesses are strategically positioned to try to predict the consumption patterns that should work in the digital environment.

Furthermore, experts point out that companies are very careful when investing in the platform to secure trademarks and patent rights.

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NFTs fall in the future
An interesting case is that of Hermès, which accused an artist of copying one of its most famous handbag models to sell as an NFT.

For example, Nike applied for trademark registration in the US for virtual products, extending its territorial reach beyond physical borders.

More active in the metaverse, Gucci sold a bag in the video game Roblox for 350,000 Robux (the game’s virtual currency), an amount equivalent to 22,000 reais.

Balenciaga, in turn, sells items from its collection as skins (alternative looks) and accessories for player avatars in the video game Fortnite.

An interesting case is Hermès, which accused an artist of copying one of its most famous handbag models as a NFT (“abbreviation of”non-fungible token“, in Portuguese).

“Companies are not authorized to sell. So it is a concern that businesses need to be careful about in the metaverse. Since there is still no specific legislation on the subject, there may be abuse of imagery, branding, symbols, as well as counterfeiting,” Menegatti said.

Therefore, as a precaution, experts advise companies to seek legal aid before entering virtual world networks.

“This helps avoid issues such as unauthorized use of the brand or eventual plagiarism,” Menegatti said.


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