Circling on social media: “Selling Darwin Nunes, Benfica only made a profit of 24.75 million euros”

The plan, posted on the social network, aims to prove that Benfica will have much smaller profit Considering the amount already guaranteed for Darwin Nunes to Liverpool (75 million euros 100 million if certain performance targets are met).

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top is Benfica pays Almeria (Spanish club) Hired Darwin Nuñez in September 2020.The EUR 24 million shown corresponds to the truth.

In the next row, the “avatar” moves from Lisbon to Liverpool, then subdivides into Compensation amount Benfica would like to send Uruguayan players career and transfer players:

10 million euros to Almeria – The commission payable to the Andalusian club for the sale of the added value of the player pass (as agreed in the transfer contract from Spain to Portugal). In 2020, the two clubs have determined that Almería will receive 20% of profits from possible future deals, capped at £10m (reached). real

5 million euros to Edgardo LaSalvia (Nunez’s former head coach) – This committee is often mentioned in various media, but Benfica does not carry the burden, as can be seen in his transfer correspondence to CMVM. By paying a commission to Nuñez’s new merchant/agent (Jorge Mendes), the Luz Club does not consider itself obligated to incur any other costs associated with the business intermediary, otherwise, it would find itself in an unusual remuneration situation for its predecessor and current entrepreneurs (at least those who do deals). Remember, Darwin Nunes was no longer represented by his countryman last April. Incorrect

3.75 million euros to the training club – The Peñarol emblem (the Uruguayan club that the former Benfica striker played for before leaving for Spain) is used to identify the beneficiaries of the mandatory amount associated with the solidarity mechanism, which is designed to compensate players for the emblem they receive for training. This FIFA rule (pages 33 and 85) attracts up to 5% of an athlete’s transfer fee, based on an age-specific factor, to be allocated to the clubs he played for until the age of 23. In this case, 2.25 million euros is owed to Peñarol (he represented until he was 20 years old) and 375,000 euros to Almería (20 to 21 years old). 2,625M in total. Inaccurate

Jorge Mendes 7.5 million euros (Merchant making the transfer) – The practice of many businesses is to charge a 10% fee to the merchant who mediates the club change. The same was true when Nunes moved to Liverpool from Lisbon. The commission inside is only for the net value (netting mechanism is deducted). In this case, it would be 10% of 72,375M (75M minus 2,625M), or 7,237M. real

Plus what should be deducted from Benfica’s profits:

24M + 10M + 2,625M + 7,237 = 43,862M EUR

After slaughter:

75M – 43.862M = 31.138M EUR

From this it can be seen that although the values ​​stated in the publications are of the order of magnitude close to the true values, their quantities are Inaccuratethe difference is about 6.4 million euros.


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