Covid-19 can cause thrombosis

Covid-19 cases across Brazil have risen again in recent days, and the moving average has risen 36% in the last fourteen days, reaching its highest level since March 30 this year.

Among the reasons for this increase, the authorities are talking about easing the safety protocols, especially the non-mandatory mask, in addition to the colder climate and the lack of complete vaccination (with all doses).

Faced with this new aggravated situation, it is important to emphasize that although many people are already vaccinated and more mildly infected with the disease, the effects of the new coronavirus can affect the body, and with new strains it is difficult to predict accurately. , what consequences of the disease.

Scientific studies conducted since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, have already pointed out some of the major problems caused by Covid-19 in the body. The lung is the organ most affected by the virus, but the function of the body in general is greatly affected. In some cases, Covid-19 can even cause severe thrombosis. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the signs of the body, even if you have mild symptoms.

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“Some research has already given strong indications that Covid is a vascular disease, and its complications are precisely the result of damage to blood vessels, both in occlusions and in inflammatory processes. And it actually increases the risk of thrombosis.” , explains male doctor Dr. Gustavo Marcatto, from São José do Rio Preto (SP).

There are several levels of thrombosis, but the important thing is to know that it is caused by the formation of blood clots, which prevents the proper function and flow of the vascular system. “The lump is the mechanism of the lesion that causes thrombosis. When this blood clot occurs in the leg vein, we call it deep vein thrombosis. The blood becomes thicker, viscous, and it stimulates blood coagulation and forms a kind of ball there, leading to thrombosis,” says Dr. . Gustav.

Thrombosis occurs at two levels: in the leg veins, leading to discomfort, pain and swelling, and also at a systemic level, which is more severe and can even lead to death. “When the thrombus (plug) breaks off, it passes through the entire circulation. In most cases, this thrombus ends up in the lung due to the anatomy of the cardiovascular system, causing pulmonary embolism, one of the most serious complications of thrombosis, as it can cause That is why it is always so important to prevent thrombosis, ”warns the doctor.

But how can infection with the new coronavirus cause thrombosis? According to doctor Gustavo Marcatto, and the latest in this area, the virus causes an inflammatory process in the circulation as the body in a messy way tries to fight the attacker. Coagulation begins to happen too much to ‘heal the wound that the virus leaves’. “Inflammation caused by Covid-19 stimulates the formation of blood clots, the cause of thrombosis when the veins are affected by obstructions. In the lung. Some people even lose their hearing, all due to the thrombosis caused by Covid,” reports the specialist. .

Also, according to him, these cases of deafness or ringing in the ear in people who have already had Covid are due to thrombosis in the artery that is in the nerve of the ear. “This nerve loses irrigation and can no longer function, causing the patient to lose hearing as a result,” adds Gustavo.

It is worth remembering that patients who already have comorbidities such as obesity, smoking are at greater risk of developing this thrombosis caused by Covid-19.

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