Defeat against Czech Republic sparks internal discussions in Switzerland

Not only is the performance of the centre-forward especially worth fixing, but the tactical character displayed by manager Murat Yakin has also contributed to the indirectness of Arsenal’s midfield.

Portugal’s opponents in tomorrow’s Nations League game, Switzerland arrive at the Estadio Jose Alvalade for the clash. The defeat to the Czech Republic (2-1) drew strong criticism, mainly for the defensive performance of two centre-backs Schal and Elvedi, who compromised and could be in jeopardy in the challenge against Portugal.

Sof’s own goal after a throw-in threw the team into chaos, with Granit Xhaka even calling Prague’s game “weird”. “We cannot accept that we have given so many gifts to our opponents. Now, we have to analyse our mistakes and go into the field in a different way against Portugal,” said the Swiss captain.

Arranged as 4x4x2 and changed to 4x3x3 during the challenge at the direction of coach Murat Yakin, the strategy used is also worth fixing, and Xhaka himself hinted at taking over from Vladimir last August Petkovic’s coach. “Coaches who know me and my style of play know that I’m further down the field,” he said of the initial position assigned to him with a greater offensive propensity.

The Arsenal player also admitted that he has taken on a more supportive role in the Gunners, but in defence he feels more confident. Unbeaten in World Cup qualifiers and ahead of Italy in the group stage, Switzerland appear to have overcome the wave of excitement in hopes of greater cohesion between the divisions.

The encounter with the Czechs raised alarm. This is the third winless game in a row, including the March friendlies against England (2-1) and Kosovo (1-1), so Murat Yakin will face promotion to a team that is important alongside Seferovic Level of challenge, striker Benfica only launched in the last moments of the game with the Czech Republic.

It was up front that Embolo, who was paired with Switzerland’s lone goalscorer Okafor, was profligate and it was expected that Portugal’s attack could change.

Shaqiri can go back to eleven

With his regular starting status, Shaqiri began to challenge the Czech Republic on the bench. The Chicago Fire striker has only had one training session with the national team due to a malfunction of the plane connecting the United States and Switzerland. The experienced player came on in the second period, but tomorrow he should be one of Murat Yakin’s initial options as an attacking weapon to try to undercut Portugal’s defence.


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