Dengue: Brusque reaches 4,500 cases of the disease

Was updated this Monday, 6, the number of dengue and outbreaks of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, which transmits dengue, chikungunya and zika, among other diseases in Brusque. The information is from the Brusque Health Monitoring Directorate through the Endemic Disease Control Program.

The study shows that the municipality from January until now has 4,512 cases of dengue, and in the last 24 hours there have been 27 new cases. Two people are admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and five to the ward. Since the beginning of the year, nine deaths due to the disease have been recorded to date.

Neighborhood where the cases were recorded

In 2022, there are 4,512 cases, of which 211 are in Águas Claras, 288 in Azambuja, 78 in Bateas, 67 in Cedrinho, 55 in Cedro Alto, 375 in Centro I, 30 in Centro II, 321 in Dom Joaquim in Guarani, 130. , 173 i Limeira, 125 i Limoeiro, 474 i Jardim Maluche, 137 i Nova Brasília, 38 i Paquetá, 24 i Planalto, 18 i Ponta Russa, 42 i Poço Fundo, 186 i Primeiro de Maio, 320 i 3 Branco, 320 i Rio Santa Luzia, 140 in Santa Rita, 367 in Santa Terezinha, 158 in São Luiz, 103 in São Pedro, 364 in Souza Cruz, 158 in Steffen, 30 in Tomaz Coelho, 29 in Volta Grande and 36 in Zantão.


The number of outbreaks is updated weekly. This Monday’s data indicates that 1,088 outbreaks have already been identified in the year 2022 in Brusque. The neighborhood with the highest number is Dom Joaquim, with 83 posts, followed by Guarani with 79, Rio Branco, 75; Águas Claras, 68; Santa Rita, 63; Maluche, 62; Azambuja, 60; Limeira, 57; Santa Teresa, 53; Nova Brasilia, 51; Steffen 49; Centro I, 47. Complete the regions with the highest number of eruptions, Souza Cruz, which has 47, and Limoeiro, with 46 occurrences of eruptions identified throughout 2022.

Based on these figures, the neighborhoods in Brusque that are considered to be attacked by the technical team of the Program to Fight Endemics: Primeiro de Maio, Águas Claras, Azambuja, Jardim Maluche, Nova Brasília, Santa Rita, Santa Terezinha, São Luiz, São Pedro, Souza Cruz, Steffen, Bateas, Centro I, Dom Joaquim, Guarani, Limeira, Limoeiro and Rio Branco. What determines when a site is considered the attack is an analysis that takes into account criteria such as the number of outbreaks and cases.

Check chart:


In case of symptoms of dengue, look for the Basic Health Unit (UBS) in your region for the first service. After the evaluation, the necessary referral will be given.

Speak for complaints

The Directorate of Health Surveillance in Brusque, through the program to combat endemic diseases, also provides the telephone number for complaints via WhatsApp, only in text format on (47) 9 88130095 or call the number of the municipal ombudsman at 156.

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