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The Cervical Cancer Prevention Association (Apcolu) in Santa Cruz do Sul once again draws attention to the importance of seeking ways to prevent the disease. The measures are simple and include vaccination of young people against the human papillomavirus (HPV) and also the cytopathological examination of the cervix (Pap smear), both available free of charge through the Unified Health System. The professionals also make themselves available to assist municipalities in drawing up campaigns to inform and make the public aware of the subject.

According to gynecologist Denise Müller, president of Apcolu, the vaccination rate and cytopathological collection were already low and were further reduced during the pandemic. “As an association, we try to mobilize the municipalities so that they work to improve this,” he says. Since 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been working on a global campaign to eliminate the disease, which is possible through immunization. In this sense, Apcolu works to promote information and encourage the population to take care of themselves.

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“It does not just help that the management gets involved if people are not aware of the importance of this care,” the doctor states. It reinforces that the resources are neither new nor complex and are available to everyone free of charge. “It’s all there at hand, it’s enough for the people to understand that it’s important to do so.” HPV vaccination is available for girls aged 9 to 14 and boys aged 11 to 14, in a two-dose schedule. For adults, it is possible to apply for vaccination in the private network, in a 3-dose schedule for the age groups from 9 to 26 years for men and 9 to 45 for women.

Denise points out that the HPV vaccine was highly “sensualized”, as the main form of transmission of the disease is sexual contact. Therefore, many parents fail to immunize their children. “The association is working hard to change this concept. We are talking about a vaccine that reduces the number of six types of cancer that kill thousands of people each year. “According to the doctor, when these applications do not occur through SUS for the appropriate period, few adults are immunized due to the cost of the private network .

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“We need to stop talking about sensualization and start talking about the cancer vaccine, because it has been shown to prevent six types of the disease. That is the message that the association wants to convey to people. ” Also, according to Denise, there is no other strategy known by medicine to prevent these cancers other than immunization against HPV. Anyone who wants more information can access the association’s Instagram, which is @ somos.apcolu. On the page, it is possible to clarify more doubts about the topic.

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Last Wednesday, the 1st, the municipal secretary of health in Torres, Helvia Sanae Mano, in Santa Cruz do Sul was accompanied by the doctor Luiza Bins Cidade, who works in the primary health network. The reason for the visit was to get to know Apcolus’ work and discuss strategies to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer in Litoral Norte municipality. “It is with leaders committed to the health of their people that we will be able to change the history of this disease and save many lives in the future,” Denise said.


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