Diablo: How to play with friends

immortal diablo It was the first game in the Blizzard series to be released for mobile devices. The game is also available for PC and allows players of all platforms to play together through cross-play.

However, join forces with friends immortal diablo It’s not as simple as other online games. If this is your intention, there are some important steps that are necessary to follow before you start your game in the Sanctuary.

Since it is a completely online game, immortal diablo Even if you’re alone, a constant internet connection is required to play. So make sure your phone, tablet or computer is connected to the internet (if it’s a mobile device, we recommend gaming on a Wi-Fi network for a more stable experience).

Now, the most important information for working together: you and your friends need to be on the same game server. If you are on different servers, you will not be able to play together. It’s even possible to switch servers, but you’ll have to start a character from scratch to do so.

How to switch servers in Diablo Immortal

Your server name will appear on the game’s home screen. (Image: Screenshot/Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

Recommended if you plan to play immortal diablo From the beginning of the adventure with one or more friends, agree with them which server will be used so everyone can create a character on it. To select or change a server, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the game on your PC or mobile device.
  2. Your server name will appear on the main screen as follows immortal diablo.
  3. If you want to change it, click the server name. A window will appear and load a list of server options.
  4. If you’re in Brazil, give preference to servers in South America. Choose your preferred server name or type the server name into the window’s search tool.
  5. To enter the desired server, just click on its name. Once done, you will be returned to the main page. To continue, click Click to Play.
Servers can be changed at any time, but remember that the characters created are linked to the original server (Image: Screenshots/Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

How to Team Up with Friends in Diablo Immortal

If you are on the same server as your allies, the next steps are easier.It is worth remembering that cooperatives immortal diablo Up to four players can be accommodated.

  1. With the game loaded on the desired character and server, go to the menu (the icon in the top right corner of the three dots).
  2. Choose friends. If you haven’t added a friend yet, click Add Friend and enter BattleTag* in the search field.
  3. After adding friends, click on their names and select the “Invite to Group” option. Repeat this process if you want to invite another person.
  4. If your friend has sent an invitation, just accept the notification that will appear on the screen.
  5. A message will appear notifying that your friend has joined the group. If you’re in a different location on the map, just click on his image in the top left corner and select the “Go to Player” option. This will cause your character to be transported to the same location as the ally.
With friends in the same group, simply click on their icon to open a menu of co-op options. (Image: Screenshot/Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

Follow these steps and you and your friends will be ready to explore the temple. immortal diablo is a free game for desktop (beta) and Android and iOS devices.

*BattleTag is a nickname chosen by players to identify their Battle.net account on the Blizzard service, with a numeric tag attached to the username. If you’re on a PC, you can find your BattleTag in the Battle.net client; just click on your username in the upper right corner. If you are using a mobile device, your BattleTag will be highlighted in the upper left corner of the game’s main screen.

Editor’s Note: Activision Blizzard is currently under investigation for allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and misconduct. For more information, click here.

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