Diablo Immortal is a must-have mobile experience

Meet Diablo Immortal, Blizzard’s mobile RPG:

Announced during BlizzCon 2018, immortal diablo went through a difficult development: after all, snowstorm Can you bring the cult franchise experience to mobile and live up to the Diablo name?

Fans have been concerned about possible changes to a long-established model of success, but Blizzard seems to have made good use of the long four years between the announcement and the game’s official release — fraught with worrying delays.

Franchising largely involves mobile devices

Franchising largely involves mobile devices

Photo: Disclosure/Blizzard Entertainment

At the end of Diablo 2’s Lord of Destruction expansion, Tyrael used his sword El’druin to destroy the Worldstone corrupted by Baal, and the fragments of Baal were scattered throughout the Temple. Diablo Immortal takes place five years later, when Tyrael should be dead and humans deal with the consequences of their actions.

It’s up to the player to stop this demonic army and contain the fragmented World Stone in eight areas where Blizzard once again showed it knows how to tell a good story.

Like other games in the series, Diablo Immortal has players and it’s hard to “postpone” the next events. With the participation of classic characters like Dakar Cain, these events are told in such a natural way that they fit perfectly into a lore as rich and exciting as its predecessor.

Developers manage to bring the great Sanctuary to the phone

Developers manage to bring the great Sanctuary to the phone

Photo: Disclosure/Blizzard Entertainment

This story isn’t the only asset of Diablo’s immortality. your game is a high point It adapts perfectly to mobile devices, with very responsive controls and great touchscreen adaptability, making it one of the best mobile experiences available today.

Still, there is some room for improvement. Especially in the beginning, when we were still getting used to Sanctuary on the small screen, it was weird to need to target and cast certain abilities, especially those that required more precision when dealing with hordes of demons. Also, the joystick experience isn’t well implemented, but that doesn’t damage the foundation of Diablo’s immortality.

While it’s possible to play the entire campaign relatively smoothly without spending a dime — as long as players resist the temptation of a season pass –, The main downside of Diablo Immortal is its monetization system. Player fears have become reality, and excessive monetization should deter those who want to explore endgame content, as certain powerful items are naturally rare in the game but can be sold.

The hope is that we know that Blizzard is open to changes to their game: just take into account all the changes they made to Diablo III and see the light at the end of the tunnel.


It’s easy to compare the game to Diablo III, especially in its aesthetics, and it’s even easier to want to finish the campaign with all six classes available. Diablo Immortal is captivating with its engaging story and smooth gameplay.

Diablo Immortal - Note: 8

Diablo Immortal – Note: 8

Photo: Play/Game On

It’s a game with huge potential, has a long lifespan, and doesn’t seem to need improvement to become one of the best mobile games in history.

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