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There are many factors that make our skin look shrunken over time: exposure to the sun, genetic predisposition, alcohol and tobacco consumption, pollution and of course diet.

The truth is that we can avoid some foods or even replace them with healthier ones.

But what are the foods you should avoid on your shopping list?

1. Coffee

Although it is an essential part of many people’s breakfast, nutritionists have proven that coffee consumption increases the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, which causes an increase in insulin, greater cellular inflammation and changes in the skin barrier that can cause hypersensitivity processes or spots.

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2. French fries

Neither handmade nor homemade. French fries contain advanced fatty end products. The abundance of fats in the oil causes problems for the body, and in the case of french fries, which are served with a lot of salt, excess sodium dehydrates the skin tissue, causing wrinkles. A good option to replace french fries is baked sweet potato.

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3. bread

French bread, bread and croissant are made from white flour, a high glycemic carbohydrate. which, when ingested in abundance, causes inflammation in the body by increasing the toxic molecules in our body. To replace this food, opt for whole grain and cereal versions, which are excellent sources of fiber.

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4. Butter

If you can remove bread, you can also remove butter, which is rich in fat and has many chemical additives, making the skin vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, which damages collagen and elastin, which support proteins. To replace this food, there are avocados, peanut butter, olive oil and low-fat cheeses.

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5. Alcohol

Not necessarily a food, but the one that causes the most damage to the skin, in addition to redness, swelling, loss of collagen and wrinkles, alcohol dries out the skin and destroys nutrients, especially vitamin A.

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The spice star. Excessive consumption of salt causes hypertension, swelling throughout the body and contributes as one of the main means of skin dehydration. It can also affect kidney health and disrupt bone metabolism. This can be replaced with oregano and other herbs.

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7. Processed meat

Sausage, sausage and bacon are some examples of processed meats. These consist of additives that cause wrinkles and expression marks. Tofu is an alternative and if you are not a big fan of this food, chicken or turkey is the most recommended.

processed meat
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8. Chocolate

Most chocolate bars are not beneficial to health as the cocoa in them is highly processed and loses its health benefits. the perfect substitute is pure cocoa, the only way to eat chocolate in a healthy way.

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9. Sugar

Excess sugar in sweets, cakes and cookies is very harmful to the skin as inflammatory processes such as acne are involved. To replace sweets, look for fresh or dried fruit, naturally sweetened.

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10. Pepperoni Pizza

This food seems to be very delicious, but it only causes problems. This consists of processed meats, such as pepperoni, which can cause a pro-inflammatory effect. Inflammation causes the body to age from the inside out. Not to mention fat and salt present. In this case, always choose meat-free or even vegetarian pizzas.

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