Doria’s son shows NFT at 147,000 reais on Twitter profile

João Doria Neto, the son of the governor of São Paulo, stands out among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. He tagged the post by showing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) worth 147,000 reais on his Twitter profile.

Introduction @joaodorianeto It became more popular in the market after posting a photo with CZ, the founder of Binance Exchange, on Tuesday (15). The two met when the Chinese executive visited the city of São Paulo to meet Governor Joao Doria.

So far, Neto’s few tweets have mostly been about cryptocurrencies. It is clear from his profile photo that he is willing to put money into NFTs – tokens that prove ownership of digital items.

His avatar is an NFT from CLONE X, a collection of profile pictures (PFP​​) developed by RTFKT in collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

Neto owns CloneX #17494 worth 10.8 ETH, which is about 147,000 BRL at current Ethereum prices. This value is an estimate based on the latest NFT purchase offer on OpenSea. In the industry’s largest NFT marketplace, Doria’s son’s account is nftsp, linked to his jdoria.eth wallet.

There is no way to know the amount Neto paid for the NFT because it is an exchange of NFTs from the same set.But it must be about 3 ETH (41,000 reais) because that’s the number of users CaptainBlackJon_HWLast November, a deal with Neto to generate NFT #17494.

As a result, Neto already has an unrealized profit of R$ 106,000 from the avatar NFT alone.

Analyzing Doria Neto’s Ethereum Wallet

Apparently, João Doria’s son has been trading NFTs on OpenSea since October 2021. In the beginning, he was not so lucky and lost a little money on the NFT that suffered from devaluation.

According to information shared On his Twitter account, Neto’s first NFT is Humanoid #1919, which was purchased for 0.57 ETH, or about R$ 7,800. A month later, he sold the NFT for 0.2 ETH, losing 5,000 reais in the trade.

The report states that Neto uses at least two Ethereum wallets to trade NFTs. The first step occurs at the address linked to your OpenSea configuration file, named “n0id_secondary”.

Currently, the account has only two NFTs worth just over R$500, but most were sold or transferred to Neto’s second OpenSea account, “nftsp”.

In this master account, Neto currently owns 16 NFTs. The group is currently worth 19,413 ETH, or about R$ 266,000.

As mentioned earlier, the NFTs of the CLONE X collection alone represent half of this value. Even so, Neto has other valuable NFTs in its wallet.

His NFTs range from rougher but pricey series like Great Expectations (which are nothing more than pregnant emojis) to digital art by Dutch artist Sanja Marusic.

Doria’s son also seems to like CryptoNobles, with three NFTs from this set of pixelated medieval characters in his wallet.

When analyzing the Ethereum addresses associated with Neto’s OpenSea account, it can be seen that he has also invested in some cryptocurrencies.

In the first wallet, Neto has R$ 2,219 in wETH, R$ 2,067 in Yield Guild Games (YGG), and R$ 240 in OpenDAO (SOS). In the second wallet, Neto also has a small portion of SOS, around 40 BRL. The total amount of these tokens is equivalent to around 4,500 reais.

Bitcoin Portal Grupo Doria’s press office was contacted to confirm João Doria Neto’s investment, but he had not heard back until this report was published.

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