Drive Crypto, the first Web3 APP with “Drive to Earn” model, launched its own marketplace, NFT-DriveStore

Uni-metaverso Labs, creator of Drive Crypto, the first Web3 mobile application. Launched today, June 20 at 22:30 pm (Brasilia time) via a super livestream with CEO Allan Barros and Brazilian brand ambassador, former Formula Indy and Stock Car driver and Enerzee CEO Alexandre Sperafico, NFT-DriveStore. An own and exclusive NFT sales marketplace that will be used in the APP for different modes, mainly “DRIVE TO EARN”.

DriveCrypto’s tokens are already in the pre-launch and ICO listing stages on Coin Market Cap. The exclusive pre-sale of tokens will run until June 30th and you can check it out by visiting the link

Drive Crypto was developed around a basic everyday activity for most people: getting from one place to another by vehicle.

“We are the first project to effectively bring the concept of mobility and functional gain to life. This is why we believe in the ‘viralization’ of the app, mainly by drivers of apps like Uber”, in addition to being able to be used by every Used by drivers, Allan Barros, CEO of DriveCrypto, is ambitious and knows the app has the potential to replace the most famous and used mobile apps, such as Waze and Google Maps.

Learn about Drive Crypto:

In this new “NFT game”, users will equip their NFTs in the form of electric cars and electricity.

These NFTs are designed to calculate every kilometer you travel while driving your vehicle. Through this campaign, users will earn the ecosystem currency $DriveCrypto. The token can be used both in the APP and for withdrawing profits.

It should be noted that NFT Cars can also become additional income for Drive Crypto. After all, they are unique rarities with a great chance of appreciation. In addition to winning prizes through the Drive to Earn mode, NFT Cars can also compete in Need for Speed ​​style races with other users in the Racing game mode. After winning the competition, the top three will be able to exchange their prizes for $DriveCrypto tokens.

Owners of NFT Cars will also be able to sell them on the first exclusive and dedicated Car NFTs MarketPlace in the future through the next version of the app.

Electric vehicle charging station installations in Brazil and around the world:

Like Game-Fi, DRIVE CRYPTO also aims to contribute to building the necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of EV charging. In this way, a portion of DRIVE CRYPTO’s profits will be used to install electric vehicle charging stations, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change by generating carbon credits.

Uni-metaveso aims to install dozens of electric vehicle charging stations in Brazil, Spain and the United States by 2022. Through a great partnership with Alexandre Sperafico and Enerzee and will be announced today in a live broadcast on Monday at 22:30 Brasilia time. The surprise was the announcement of the first sites installed and operational in Brazil.

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