Eléctrico Benfica Game 1 Play-off Futsal

BTV summary

league scoreboard
from the play-off
(Game 1)
final result
electrical 1
Benfica two
Rust (33′) Chiskara (4′)
rock (12′)

An almost complete Ponte de Sor municipal pavilion hosted the first game of the semi-finals of the Liga Placard play-offs, in Eléctrico and Benfica. The Eagles were even better, winning 1-2 and just one win away from getting their passport stamped into the finals.

nice bench Host the first duel between Eléctrico and Benfica. The Alentejo class has a lot of support, but it’s Eagles go full speed aheadwith several opportunities and an early goal.

arrive two’Chish Clara’s shot Nelson on goal, but among the best.next minute, in In the 3rd minute, Andre Correa saved 3 shots to shine at home. Shots are Robinho, Chiscarra and Rocha.

Benfica threatens to say 0-1 come 4′: Chishkara’s shot from the middle has no chance Andre Correa. The tram could not stop the most powerful incarnation, but it relaxed little by little, 8′, is about to be happy.steal the ball small fishthe first shot for defense André Sousa and Gustavo Rodrigues failed to charge.

arrive 12′the red increases to 0-2. In a characteristic movement, Rocha backs it, spins it, bends it inward and completes the festivities.. Electrician’s Response 13′. Hugo Neves and Igor MottaThe latter is in good standing, step aside. Before the break, highlight a bid where Ferrugan nearly scores an own goal.

In the second half, unlike the first, Eléctrico sent a positive signal. Even so, with the first action of the second half, Benfica had already approached the goal. Robinho, isolated, allowed to defend by Diogo Basilio (twenty one’). The game moved into a more open atmosphere, with more room for transition, with both teams in danger of scoring goals. There, Alentejo people are more confident.

arrive 26′a shot John Lennon forced Andre Sosa to save lives; arrive 28′, Daniel Airoso He turned in and shot, André Sousa defended with his foot and “made” the ball to hit the crossbar; to 31′shoot Hugo Neves defends Andre Sousa Instinctly. Eléctrico’s goals are predictable and 33′. rust On Jacaré’s back, pass André Sousa for a shot (1-2).

This goal motivated Eléctrico even more, and, in 36′, Russianin a good position, Finished the image of Andre Sosa. the next minute, at 37′, small fish Retrieve the ball, climb the meter and shoot No. 12 jersey new station eagle. In the next step, Robinho, freedom, tests Diogo Basilio’s concentrationIn the final minute, Eléctrico bet 5×4 and even saw André Sousa deny Matheus an equaliser.the result of 1-2 It continued until the final whistle.

Second play-off semi-final, yes Decided Benfica to reach La Liga final,planned on Sunday, June 12 at 5pmunder the light.

Benfica Futsal

Tram – Benfica
Ponte de Sor Sports Hall
Benfica’s starting five
Andre Sousa, Robinho, Chiscara, Alfonso Jesus and Rocha
Martim Figueira, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Nilson, Tayebi, Bruno Cintra, Carlos Monteiro and Jacaré
Electric start five
André Correia, Ferrugem, Daniel Airoso, Gustavo Rodrigues and Jonhn Lennon
Diogo Basílio, Popovich, Matheus, Russo, Hugo Neves, Peixinho and Ygor Mota
during rest 0-2
Benfica: Chishkara (4′) and Rocha (12′); Electric: Rust (33′)

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