Epic Games will host its first game on Web3 in 2022

Gaming giant Epic Games will host its first game on Web3. The game is called Grit and is based on Western stories. The news was announced by blockchain game maker Gala Games.

According to Gala Games, Grit is a battle royale game, that is, it combines environmental exploration and survival. The Wild West is the setting chosen to host the gaming adventure. In it, players face conflict and firefights, and can team up with other players and squads.

As announced Monday (6), the game will be the first of a close collaboration between Gala Games and Epic. With this, Web3 games will be available on the same platform as Epic’s major releases, such as the game Fortnite.

Web3 tries to reach the masses

The collaboration between the studios marks another attempt by Web3 game developers to reach a larger audience. On the other hand, large studios want a piece of the blockchain gaming market, which is growing exponentially.

According to an April report by DappRadar, the activity of these games increased by 2,000% in the first quarter of 2022. In terms of value, the market moved $2.5 billion over the same period, a 152% increase from the first quarter of 2021.

But despite this growth, the market still faces challenges in terms of mass adoption. For example, game stores are still reluctant to host Web3 games. As a result, most games do not reach mass audiences.

In this sense, the studio has taken the opposite stance. Tim Sweeney, Epic’s chief executive, said he was open to gaming on Web3 Games, which justifies the company’s decision.

On the other hand, Epic Games competitor Valve has done the opposite. Valve, the owner of the famous gaming platform Steam, has banned the distribution of games using blockchain technology.

more legal

Epic Games has taken a pro-gaming blockchain stance since releasing NFT game hosting on its platform in October. However, John Osvald, president of games at Gala Games, hopes the partnership will bring more legitimacy to the market.

“Web3’s easy access to games is a turning point for gamers who have yet to understand how digital ownership can enrich the gaming experience,” Osvald added.

One of the factors that keeps players away from the market, aside from a lack of “legitimacy,” is the cost of reproduction. In this sense, the costs associated with configuring and purchasing exclusive avatars, depending on the network, can be quite high.

In the case of Grit, the problem still exists. The game collected 10,000 NFTs, representing the pistols used in the game. The price per NFT was $600 last week (3,000 reais at current exchange rates), but the price doubled to $1,200 (about 6,000 reais) on Tuesday.

The public sale of NFTs will begin on June 9, and the reserve price will be higher: $1,500 per NFT, or close to 7,200 reais. In short, it’s a value that most players can’t afford.

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