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On Friday (03), the members of the Três Lagoas Committee met to combat COVID-19 to discuss the current situation in the municipality in relation to Covid-19 and other respiratory diseases.

Três Lagoas has followed the national scenario with an increase in the case of Covid-19. In the first three days of June, 113 positive cases have already been registered in the city.

However, committee chair Angelina Zuque warns that despite the increase in the number of cases, people end up not conducting the covid study as they have mild symptoms, thus disrupting the actual number of cases, generating underreporting.

Another point that the President highlights is that during this period of low temperatures, people tend to gather in enclosed spaces, which also contributes to the transmission of covid or other respiratory infections.

The family and community physician and SMS epidemiological surveillance team, Vinícius de Jesus Rodrigues Neves, stressed that the fact of not wearing the mask also contributes to the increase in cases as the virus begins to circulate more clearly.

Vinicius explained about the frequent cases of influenza in children. “Many children who have never had contact with the virus, especially those born during the pandemic, lived in a bubble and now go to school, so one case after another shows up, and several times. Even for adults, immunity dropped , as there was a decrease in herd immunity without circulation of any viruses ”, the doctor explained.

The committee highlighted cases where the individual has respiratory symptoms but does not undergo tests and remains undiagnosed and does not adhere to isolation, which contaminates other people around him.

One of the main points addressed was the high demand in healthcare units, whether public or private, from people with respiratory infections, especially children.

Despite the increase in confirmed cases of covid, the municipality currently has only one patient in the intensive care unit.

The doctor pointed out that we may have a breakdown in the health system, due to the high demand for respiratory infections, it is already stated that in some places the average waiting time for care is 5 hours. Health units and clinics are overcrowded, and this overloads care, in addition to the frequent cases of professionals on leave with symptoms, ”the doctor stated.


The epidemiological situation of other respiratory diseases was discussed during the meeting, acute childhood hepatitis, which has 70 cases in Brazil, 3 in the state. And primarily the low vaccination coverage of influenza in children, in addition, it also provides low adherence to other vaccines such as measles, yellow fever, poliomyelitis, among others in this age group.

A person with measles can infect about 16 other people. “Diseases like measles, hepatitis and others only return due to lack of vaccination. What justifies this decline is the recent anti-vaccine movement,” Vinicius explained.

In the light of this epidemiological information, the following recommendations were made among the topics discussed at the meeting:

• Intensify preventive actions such as the use of masks in enclosed environments, in crowded places, hand hygiene with gel alcohol;

• Preparation of a letter, technical note, rules and guidelines for public and private school units recommending the use of the mask, removal of students, teachers and other staff when presenting symptoms and verification of the updated vaccination book;

• Intensify the spread of the importance of vaccination for collective protection and measures to prevent Covid-19 and respiratory diseases.

Use of masks on school transport.

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